20% of French people happy to settle in Portugal


The study was carried out for the Salão do Imobiliário e do Turismo de Portugal in Paris, which brought to the French capital Portuguese real estate companies, international law firms and Portuguese regions that want to show what they can offer. French people wishing to come to Portugal. .

Need to open up

At a time when real estate prices are exploding in Portugal and when it is becoming difficult for Portuguese families to acquire housing, the Secretary of State for Internationalization, Bernardo Ivo Cruz, maintains that the Portuguese economy must remain open to foreign investment that generates wealth for the country.

“Real estate is suffering, like everything else, the effects of the completely abnormal situation that we are experiencing. […] We cannot lock ourselves in and we must integrate into an open, European and Atlantic economy. We attract people and investments to Portugal which, in turn, create jobs that benefit the Portuguese, with companies that pay taxes,” the minister said.

Bernardo Ivo Cruz also said that the government and the municipalities are mobilized to solve the housing problem in Portugal, with “a vast program of investment in real estate and construction”.

New profile of foreign investors

For the Secretary of State, the profile of people who settle in Portugal is also changing, contributing to the development of the country.

“We want to attract good investments to Portugal, a structuring investment that creates jobs and the French people who go to Portugal now belong to a new generation, they are younger French people, with children, who settle [in the country] work, generate wealth and raise their families,” he explained.

In a study of around 1,000 French people, around 20% answered that they could indeed live in Portugal if they had a job that allowed them to work remotely.

In terms of reasons, the “good life”, or quality of life, is what attracts the French the most, as are the cost of living, the climate, the price of houses and security.

In a climate of uncertainty with the general rise in prices and the war in Europe, these characteristics seem to become even more attractive for the French.

Investment by emigrants, in particular the Portuguese community settled in France, also remains one of Portugal’s priorities.

“It is always a good time for emigrants to invest in Portugal. I have had many conversations and many meetings with our community spread all over the world and there is a great desire from everyone to investing. From big investments to small investments in villages from which people have left and they are all very important”, concluded Bernardo Ivo Cruz.


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