A former Bo Pelouse client received a bankruptcy check for… $6.50


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After a two-year wait, Dorval resident Bill Migicovsky admits he wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when he finally received a check for $6.50 some time ago as a creditor in the Bankruptcy case of Bo Pelouse.

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“Our big settlement was made a few months ago, $6.50!” joked Migicovsky, one of more than 5,000 former customers who were listed as creditors after the snow removal company filed for bankruptcy in January 2020.

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Thousands of West Islanders have been left behind after Bo Pelouse closed on December 30, 2019, before the first big snowstorm that year.

Bo Pelouse owner Marc Guindon has filed bankruptcy papers with Ginsberg Gingras & Associates as licensed insolvency trustees. The company’s liability has been set at $2,678,479. Assets were $1.4 million, with a deficit of $1,277,476.

Migicovsky and other clients were on the list of unsecured creditors and potentially owed some $2.16 million in services. Two dozen former employees owed $2,849.43.

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Frank Mancuso, the owner of the Sonic gas station in the Valois district of Pointe-Claire, found himself with a bill for $4,800 for unpaid diesel fuel.

Migicovsky, 71, doubted he would ever see a dime in return for all his troubles.

“When I saw the list of creditors, I thought it was out of the question for anyone to recover anything of importance.”

While many customers had paid between $200 and $300 for snow removal that winter, Migicovsky and his wife Etsy Feldman paid $485 to have their driveway and driveway cleared. He is still bitter that the company went bankrupt without telling customers.

“I’m annoyed because it wasn’t an act of God,” he said. “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but they must have known something. »

Migicovsky now uses Grizzly snow removal services and is happy with the service so far.

What does he plan to do with $6.50?

“Not much,” he laughs.

Bo Pelouse ceased operations on December 30, 2019 and subsequently filed for bankruptcy. Photo from the Montreal Gazette /Montreal Gazette

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