A new house, the advantages of buying a new development


Imagine moving into a house that no one else has lived in yet. A brand new property brings a very special feeling.

o be the first to use the kitchen, be the first to sleep in the bedroom, and the first to use that refrigerator. There are many advantages to considering a new development!

Many home buyers have a clear idea of ​​what they want their new home to look and feel like. When you buy a home directly from the developer, you have many options for tailoring your home by choosing materials, lighting fixtures, carpentry, and, if possible, different floor plan options.
Another good reason to buy a new home is that it comes with guarantees from developers and contractors. Think of new construction as just a great investment.

SkandiaMäklarna is proud to present its collaboration with award-winning architecture and design firm Ross, based in Sweden, and now introduced in Portugal. Ross is known for its rounded shapes, open floor plans, welcoming light and stunning views, all while focusing on alternative building structure and materials embracing the environment and sustainability. We, SkandiaMäklarna, will find you the perfect land to develop one of Ross’s uniquely designed and fully personalized homes developed just for you and nowhere to be found in the world. We’ll introduce you to Ross Architecture and Design and walk you through the process.
We have several options of new builds, new developments that we introduce on our website. Such as the 3 townhouses in the charming town of Ferragudo, several in the historic towns of Tavira, Portimão and Alvor.

NEW !, and just on the market, is Luz-Living’s unique project; located in Praia da Luz and in the region’s premier luxury residential condominium. The smart design of the project targets a community of like-minded full-time residents. An international community that reflects the diversity of the region and the growing multicultural global resident population of the Algarve.
With its Scandinavian architecture (world famous Norwegian architectural firm), emphasis on the environment and sustainable building technology and materials, as well as Portuguese influences, its developers aim for a complex type project, designed for those who are looking for homes to truly enjoy a standard of luxury living. All of this can be found on our site.

Let us at SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate help and guide you in finding the property of your dreams.

We are here for you.

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