As it happened: latest information on the COVID-19 community outbreak – Tuesday, December 7


3:10 p.m. – ACT chief David Seymour said the government is making ad hoc decisions on COVID-19 that do not meet its own criteria.

He says New Zealanders need “clarity, certainty and common sense” to join the traffic light system.

“The government’s traffic light system indicates that an area will be in red when the healthcare system faces an ‘unsustainable number of hospitalizations.” It is clear that the healthcare system is not overwhelmed at this time. “Seymour said.

Ashley Bloomfield said six days ago that “our hospitalizations have stabilized a lot through Tāmaki Makaurau”.

“Today in Parliament, Jacinda Ardern agreed and said there had been a drop in hospitalizations. She explained the decision to put Auckland in red by saying that at the start of the traffic light system, the government would do things differently. “

Seymour asks what is the point of having criteria “if you are not going to use it”.

“New Zealanders should be able to go to a government website and know what they are reading is correct. None of this makes sense. As usual, the government is just making it up as it goes. “he said.

“If the hospital system in the regions in red is not facing an unbearable number of hospitalizations, why the hell are these places in red? “

He adds that there is “no logic” that the South Island is orange if it does not meet the criteria of community transmission.

“The logic of border work is also lacking. Does the risk of fully vaccinated and negative New Zealanders returning home and self-isolating really outweigh the benefit of spending Christmas with their family? family when thousands of people who test positive can isolate themselves? ” Seymour said.

“In the meantime, keeping the border closed until April, when Australian and Canadian schools and universities are back in the international student market, is seriously slowing the economy.

“The government needs to start balancing all the costs of COVID-19. “


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