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This is the story of Binley Mega Chippy.

It started as an unassuming local chip shop, now it’s arguably the most famous chip shop on the planet – certainly the most famous on TikTok, anyway.

For years it was like any other English chippy: serving up £2.40 pies, fish and of course chips from its lair on the outskirts of the UK’s ninth largest city.

A regal vision in red and gold, it’s a reliable oasis of fried delights and cool drinks for weary drivers on the go. Coventryit is A428.

But like planks in urban spaces, the ice bucket challenge and this dress that may or may not have been blueThe internet took Binley Mega Chippy and turned it viral ICT Tac fiesta – and a culinary destination.

Owner Kamal Gandhi, 70, now has a large number of customers, some of whom are said to have traveled from France, America and even Australia.

So: how did a local chip shop go from small fries to Charlie Potatoes?

The first known mention

The first known mention of Binley Mega Chippy on the internet was in 2009 according to Know Your Meme, a website dedicated to documenting various online phenomena.

A Twitter account by the name of Dave Rutt posted: “Been to Binley Mega Chippy. Had Pukka Pie and Chips. Steak and Kidney. Lush.”

But it will be more than a decade before the chip shop is really shoot for glory.

2022 would be Binley’s big year

Over the years, more and more tweets referencing Binley Mega Chippy began to appear, but the restaurant continued in relative obscurity, unsure of what was to come.

The viral hysteria around fast food was only sparked in early 2022, when it was featured in a slideshow of several British crisps on TikTok on April 26.

Within a month, the video received around 82,000 views and 11,000 likes, reports Know Your Meme.

On May 18, an account called binleymegachippyfan53 posted two TikToks to the chip joint, and continued to do so for the rest of May.

A tongue-in-cheek internet trend was born and quickly spread.

Other TikTok users got involved, with many changing their usernames to refer to Binley Mega Chippy.

And then there was a song…

Decades of research and millions of pounds of advertising have shown society that a good jingle can skyrocket a product, and it seems to be the same with chip shops.

On May 25, binleymegachippyfan53 posted a 10-second clip featuring a static image of Binley Mega Chippy, along with a happy jingle.

It goes like this: “Binley Me-ga Chiiiipyyy, Binley Me-ga Chiiiipyyy, Binley Me-ga Chiiiipyyyyyyyyyy… Binley Mega Chippy” – and it’s to the tune of For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.

By early June, this TikTok video had 1.7 million views and spawned various spinoffs and remixes.

Oh, and it’s gonna be stuck in your head now for the rest of your life.

Overall, the #BinleyMegaChippy hashtag has 495.2 million views.

And, of course, people came from literally everywhere

People spent hours touring Binley’s most famous food spot with customers queuing outside the door, much to the delight of owner Kamal Gandhi, who said it was “crazy”.

He told his local newspaper he felt “very happy” that people liked the food and were looking forward to coming back.

There are reports of people traveling from France and Portugal and even Texas and Australia to visit what is perhaps the most famous chip shop in the world right now.

And about that jingle…

A quick search of Twitter reveals rave reviews such as, “I’m not a praying man, but I ask God to please get Binley’s song Mega Chippy out of my head.”

“This stupid mega chippy binley song on tiktok is ruining my day.”

“I can’t escape binley’s mega chippy song.”

Binley Mega Chippy, on Binley Road in Binley, is open until 11pm daily.

Arrive early.


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