Celebrate IYAFA 2022 with EDFers around the world


The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2022 the International Year of Small-Scale Fisheries and Aquaculture, or IYAFA – a year to recognize and celebrate the contributions of small-scale fishers, fishworkers and aquaculturists to communities and nations, and to advance their development. To celebrate the launch of IYAFA, we asked our staff who work closely with small-scale fishing communities around the world why this year is important to them and what they hope to see happen during ‘a year devoted to small-scale fishing.

Throughout the year, EDF will present stories from around the world and call on governments and decision-makers to invest and support policies and projects that directly improve the well-being of artisanal fishing communities and the resilience of ecosystems including they depend. to. We also invite you to consult the Artisanal fishing hub and look at our Portraits of change series to directly hear artisanal fishermen and other fishing stakeholders express their hopes for the future.

Layla Osman, senior consultant – Chile

“Small-scale fisheries and aquaculture support the lives of millions of people around the world. Learning more about the role and impact of artisanal fisheries can help us chart a course for a better future.

Eduardo Boné Morón, Senior Director, Cuba Fisheries & Oceans – Cuba

“Artisanal fishermen are our eyes and our hands on the water. They represent our best chance to understand and conserve our oceans. IYAFA is a chance to recognize and amplify their essential role in the present and future of fisheries and aquaculture. Let’s continue to amplify their voices!

Marcial Villania Bolen, EDF Consultant – Philippines

“IYAFA 2022 is an exciting initiative as it will highlight the importance of fishermen and their essential role in fisheries management. Here in the Philippines, we strive to put artisanal fishermen at the center of decision-making. IYAFA will help strengthen the voice of our partner fishermen.

Tereza Pilar Fonseca, EDF Consultant – Portugal

“We need to put artisanal fishing at the center of sustainable fishing and the healthy oceans agenda. In 2022, IYAFA will celebrate and deliver this opportunity. Portuguese artisanal fishing can be part of local solutions for our communities in the present and beyond. “

Samuel Amorós, Director, Fisheries and Oceans of Peru – Peru

“The IYAFA is a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of small-scale fisheries and aquaculture for their contribution to food security and livelihoods. In addition, we can further promote traditional artisanal fishing practices that respect the environment to preserve this knowledge.

Poly Pi̱on, technical assistant for the Curvina project РMexico

“IYAFA will draw attention to the importance of artisanal fisheries and enable communities to sustainably manage their resources, work on resilience and adapt to the challenges of climate change. “

Nicanor Requena, Program Manager – Belize

“I am excited about IYAFA as it provides an important platform to highlight the contributions of artisanal fishermen as stewards of the marine resources on which they depend for their food, livelihood and identity. In Belize, a collaborative approach has enabled continued commitment to ensure the long-term sustainable use of these resources.

Adityo Setiawan, Fishing Technical Manager – EDF Indonesia

“I am excited about IYAFA because it recognizes the important role of artisanal fisheries in food security and essential proteins needed by an archipelagic country like Indonesia. In addition, IYAFA conveys an important message that fishermen and women fishermen are equal.


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