Ciclaveiro recognized as an environmental non-governmental organization


The Association for Urban Mobility by Bicycle (Ciclaveiro) has been recognized by the Portuguese Environment Agency (Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente) as a Non-Governmental Organization for the Environment (ONGA), revealed a source from the association .

The inclusion of Ciclaveiro in the list of environmental non-governmental organizations “recognizes this collective as an NGO for its work in favor of urban mobility by bicycle, as a tool in the fight against climate change, promoting the quality of life in cities and defending the right to health and equal access to modes of transport.

Ciclaveiro is a non-profit association that aims to “promote, encourage and stimulate the use of bicycles as a means of transport, especially in the region of Aveiro”.

The project was born as a citizen movement in November 2014 and formalized as an association in 2016 and since its inception has sought “a community approach approach, through collaborative projects, involving citizens, institutions, associations and companies”.

With its activities, it seeks to promote a change in mobility habits, “seeking to contribute to the construction of a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable city and a more cohesive and resilient community”.

“The Ciclaveiro Association recognizes that the region of Aveiro has excellent natural characteristics, a favorable territorial dimension and a strong cultural link with cycling, which encourage the use of this means of transport”, he underlines.

Since its foundation, it has already had many initiatives, aimed at children, local businesses and the community in general.

In 2020, he inaugurated the “Casa da Bicicleta”, a physical space for meeting and organizing events and actions to support and encourage the use of bicycles.


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