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AMESBURY – Local residents are well aware of the beautiful nature of Cider Hill Farm, and now website readers will be too thetravel.comwhich ranks it among the 10 most beautiful farms to visit in the world.

Cider Hill Farm was ranked fourth on the list, with other farms on the list coming from China, Portugal, New Zealand and other countries around the world.

Cider Hill Farm program director Valerie Rosenberg said over the phone how amazing it was to find out they had been recognized.

“It took my breath away and gave everyone goosebumps when I said it out loud,” Rosenberg said. “And then one day I went to see the other farms, the countdown is real, it starts with San Miguel, Portugal, and it’s literally breathtaking, and then you scroll, you see China, it’s gorgeous.”

When Cider Hill Farm owners Karen and Glenn Cook learned that their farm would be recognized, their message was that “something very special is happening on their 145 acres,” and that their employees and the community are helping them become something exceptional.

Rosenberg said she was thrilled to see the farm recognized in part because of the spotlight it could put on agritourism and its importance. Agritourism can be considered the crossroads of tourism and agriculture.

“The reason I think it’s so amazing to be on this list is that very few people talk about agritourism and what it could mean, and how it brings business to an area, but more importantly again, it’s a way of life,” Rosenberg said.

“It’s this idea of ​​welcoming the community and feeling that it’s not just about putting food on a table in a transactional way, selling food at the checkout, it’s really all this community that can really come and relax, teach their children the simple pleasures of like picking an apple or just enjoying the view and being quiet for a few minutes.”

Receiving this type of recognition helps Cider Hill Farm employees feel like they are achieving their goals with the company and in the community, according to Rosenberg.

“It really helps Massachusetts, it really helps Amesbury, it just makes us feel like we’re fulfilling our mission to just be inclusive and kind and cheerful and create lots of different activities for people to participate in more than just sorting out to come buy an apple,” Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg said none of this would have been possible without the support of the community.

“We always feel like we want to shout ‘Thank you’ to the whole community because without them sharing on Instagram and Facebook and all those platforms, people are really helping spread the message,” Rosenberg said.

Matt Petry covers Amesbury and Salisbury for The Daily News of Newburyport. Email him at: [email protected]


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