Covid in Scotland LIVE as holidaymakers to be fully stung ‘forever’


Couple shortened their honeymoon from two weeks to two days

A young couple has cut their honeymoon in Mexico short from two weeks to two days as holidaymakers are hit by the UK’s latest travel restrictions.

Mexican travelers will have to pay thousands of pounds for a quarantine hotel when they arrive in the UK from 4 a.m. on Sunday, after the country was placed on the red list.

Joe Coward, 29, discovered the new restrictions after landing in Mexico early Thursday morning and had to quickly book a return flight to London to avoid the fee.

The London student told the PA News Agency: “Basically we landed to find that our two-week honeymoon, which had already been revamped several times, was going to be a two-day visit.

“We have arranged a flight for tomorrow and will spend today getting ready to turn around and go home.

“We are extremely angry at the government’s incompetent handling of international travel rules during this crisis, and incredibly sad and frustrated that the time that should have been spent enjoying being newlyweds has been wasted.”

Mr Coward said if the couple did not receive a refund from British Airways for their vacation, based near Cancun, they would lose “several thousand pounds sterling”.

He said staying was not an option due to the cost of quarantine hotels – which from August 12 will rise to £ 2,285 for a solo traveler, plus an additional £ 1,430 for additional adults sharing a room.

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