Czechs are buying Croatian coastal property in droves, here’s why


June 3, 2022 – Czechs are buying Croatian coastal properties in droves, preferring real estate on the Croatian Adriatic coast to real estate in their own country.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, according to Czech media publication iDnes, Czechs currently prefer to buy Croatian coastal property rather than cottages in their own homeland. According to the local portal Zadar Zadarski, the reason lies in the fact that here in Croatia, at least according to Czech real estate agents, it is still possible to find an apartment on the coast at a lower price than a house in holidays on the Czech mainland. , and they claim that it is also easier to capitalize on this investment.

“It’s true, they are looking for properties, preferably with a garden. The interest is quite high,” confirmed analyst Sarlota Smutna for the Czech media.

Namely, this interest of Czech nationals for Croatian coastal properties has increased especially during the global coronavirus pandemic, and properties in Croatia, Portugal, Spain and Italy are in high demand. According to iDnes, along the Adriatic an apartment can be bought for as little as 63,000 crowns or 2,600 euros per square meter, while a square meter in the city of Prague now costs 4,900 euros.

According to Tomas Jelinek, director of the real estate agency network 21 Century, the demand from Czech nationals for real estate abroad is due to the fact that real estate in the Czech Republic has reached extremely high prices, and Jelinek claims that it is now possible to find real estate at a better price than on the more distant Czech mainland.

A similar claim is made by the well-known agency REMAX, which offers Croatian coastal properties at lower prices than cottages in the Czech Republic, especially those around Prague, where prices are extremely high.

“Average holiday home prices are still higher in most countries than average home prices in the Czech Republic, but they are still lower than property prices in Prague, where the supply consists mainly of large homes for families,” Hana said. Kontris told iDnes.

Real estate prices in the Czech Republic have doubled in the last two years and, according to Eurostat, last year alone this growth amounted to 25%, the highest of all EU member states. .

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