Do you want to leave South Africa? Here are your second residency and citizenship program options


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Looting last week, civil unrest and the slow rollout of immunization have led to demand for second-residency and citizenship programs.

According to LIO Global Founder and CEO Nadia Read Thaele, the current crises have compounded the growing crime and security challenges of recent years.

People want to live and work in a safe environment and seek the mobility that a second passport offers.

As the coronavirus epicenter takes the brunt of the violent protests in Gauteng and KZN, the vulnerability of South Africans is questioned. Dual citizenship not only offers the security and peace of mind that many seek, but also secures their investment in politically and economically stable countries, ”she said.

Thaele said citizenship-by-investment (CBI), ownership or government donation programs allow dual citizenship.

These programs are ideal for South Africans who do not want to leave the country but are looking for a Plan B option.

“People feel nervous and dual nationality makes it easier to travel despite the conditions of confinement. The number of families seeking second home and citizenship options continues to increase dramatically.

“There are many residency and CBI options available to South Africans, including European countries such as Portugal, Malta, Greece, Spain, Italy and Belgium. Most require real estate investment and have complex requirements if you want to acquire nationality. Malta, for example, also has a citizenship program (in addition to its residency program), but this requires a substantial investment of over R17 million, ”she said.

According to her, the most accessible options are those offered by Caribbean countries such as Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Saint Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda, which offer a direct route to citizenship and a passport.

“They do not require any period of residence or visit to the country and offer a quick way to get a second passport in less than six months. There are also no language requirements and the countries are jurisdictions for tax purposes. advantageous.

“The required investment in real estate starts at just over 3.3 million Rand for a family of four, or from 1.5 million Rand as a government donation. It’s very accessible. and is equivalent to the price of an investment apartment on the Atlantic coast or on a bourgeois house in the suburbs.

“Real estate programs generally offer the possibility of rental returns and can be sold after a holding period of around five years, with some even offering buyback guarantees,” Thaele advised.

She said Caribbean passports provide excellent mobility with visa-free access to the US, UK and Eurozone for extended periods. And, the most popular right now is the Grenadian passport due to the E-2 visa treaty, which allows citizens to invest in, live and work in the United States, and send their children to locations. American schools and universities.

“Grenada currently grants more than 2,000 passports a year. The program is growing considerably,” she said.


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