Doctor “for the truth” sees disciplinary sanction reduced from six months to three months


Maria Margarida de Oliveira, one of the founders of the so-called “negationist movement” Médicos pela Verdade, saw a previous 6-month suspension from the exercise of her profession reduced on appeal to three months.

The anesthesiologist who published “a recipe” to ensure that PCR tests remain negative had asked to be tried in public.

The disciplinary body of the Southern General Medical Council refused, on the grounds that the case against her was disciplinary and not criminal.

Thus, very few procedures seem to have reached the general public.

One of the witnesses cited to defend Ms Oliveira’s actions was none other than former presidential candidate Fernando Nobre – himself under threat of disciplinary action for his own stance against the mass vaccination campaign against the Covid, and in particular the decision to deploy it to children (click here).

Fernando Nobre is said to have defended his colleague’s cause by stressing that the word “denialist” can be linked to the heroes of the story: Aristides de Sousa Mendes, for example, was considered a denialist for having disobeyed Salazar. (Now there is a commemorative plaque in his honor in the National Pantheon attesting to the importance of his actions in saving hundreds of thousands of Jews from certain death).

Galileu was also considered a “denialist” for defending heliocentrism – the astronomical model in which the earth and planets revolve around the Sun at the center of the universe. At the time, the Roman Catholic Church believed that the Earth, and not the sun, was the center of the universe, and tried and condemned Galileu for heresy.

Medicos Pela Verdade have never described themselves as “deniers”: their official page was closed in February – the same month Ms Oliveira received her initial six-month suspension – with the message: “Our will and determination to disseminating science and presenting alternatives are still alive and will move forward. But the concentrated and repressive environment in which we live, and which has become more pronounced since our founding, advises us not to go further in this format. We will suspend our official page and our website until we are all free again ”.

According to Observador online, the decision on Ms Oliveira’s appeal was dated December 7 and considered that the senior anesthesiologist had violated 10 articles of the code of ethics of the College of Physicians, but could see her suspension reduced by half.

These were violations of the duty of conduct; the non-prescription of superfluous medical acts; the duty to communicate to the general medical council concerns regarding the SNS health service and patient follow-up; the duty not to “exceed the limits of one’s qualifications and skills”; the duty to “carefully evaluate the information received, being able to issue opinions, recommendations and medical decisions only if the quality of the information received is sufficient and relevant”; the general duty of collaboration; the duty of the General Medical Council to alert; the duty, in reciprocal relations, “to proceed with the greatest rectitude and urbanity”, and the “duty of solidarity between doctors”.

The main concern of the Disciplinary Council was the understanding that “the impact of a doctor’s opinion on matters related to health in the community is very important”, and thus any doctor must exercise “a particular duty to diligence in the manner in which communication is transmitted. ”.

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