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Spy Manor is committed to elevating Portugal’s image as an ideal location for luxurious experiences and in turn encouraging other businesses or individuals to invest in the area.

Based in Portugal and founded in 2019 by Vanda Everke, Spy Manor is made up of Spy Manor Productions and Spy Manor Real Estate.

Spy Manor Productions is a film production consultancy and services company based in Algarve, Portugal, where they live and breathe film and dynamically fulfill the dreams of film and media production companies and professionals.

They also design and organize exclusive events in the area, with Vanda Everke’s family home, Villa Skyfall, being the chosen venue to entertain guests with the addition of impressive corporate hospitality packages. Most notably, in the spring of last year they founded Spy Manor Real Estate, specializing in luxury properties and building film-inspired properties, where they create bespoke solutions, even providing garages and homes. bespoke cinemas.

Spy Manor Productions

Sky Base One Episode 2

Spy Manor Productions has grown rapidly in such a short time, with Vanda saying that “you always have to believe in your success and in the impossible. If you have a big vision or a big dream and people say it’s not possible, that challenges us and that’s what we want to achieve.

Vanda shared their current plans: “We were part of the two feature films that were shot here and we are now working on our own content development which is the result of the scriptwriting workshop we held in December 2020. Currently we are working on a sizzle reel for one of these projects to be able to get into the real active pitching phase and are engaged with several more.

Additionally, “We are in talks with other production companies and directors who have their own content and are looking at ways to support them on the production side. Some of them are based in the UK so it’s a question of how they can be shot here because the landscapes and the properties that we have here are very similar to parts of the United States so it could be the next opportunity and it will be really nice to bring more productions to the Algarve and involve the local communities.

Events organized by Spy Manor

Spy Manor creates and hosts the most exclusive and bespoke events including cocktail parties, product launches, Aston Martin DBX test drives, fine dining and screenings at the most notable venues.

The first World Trailer Events took place in February this year, Vanda told me: “We are proud that the company has chosen Portugal, in particular the Algarve, to host the awards ceremony and there will be other events to come because it is important for us to establish the showcases and tell the world that it is possible. Adding that, “We believe that these types of events serve as the basis for attracting more investment here and showing people that there are business opportunities here. You can make things better, faster, more efficient and more viable. commercially than in other countries.

Spy Manor Productions also held Aston Martin events at the end of March. Several groups associated with Aston Martin therefore visited the Spy Manor house where they hosted a cocktail party and revealed the unique collection of cars they own as individuals. They also have a spectacular home theater with Vanda telling me that they have had movie previews. “I think it’s a very special experience that we offer film creators themselves to see their creations in full quality and certainly creators can contact us for this bespoke service.”

Recently, Spy Manor had the honor of hosting a private preview of “The Piper”, one of English director Anthony Waller’s latest films in the making, in its exclusive theater.

Additionally, Spy Manor is building a museum garage which is expected to be completed by the end of this year. They will offer this as a unique venue for VIP dinners and meetings with a think tank type atmosphere. Vanda claimed “We believe there is a niche and certainly a demand among car collectors and aficionados to create a space where the car can live.”

Culinary experience

Vanda told me that they plan to open a restaurant in the future and the vision for it is already in place which reaffirms the exclusivity of Spy Manor and that it will be based on their community. “We believe the more the merrier in terms of restaurants in the Algarve and we believe our innovative concept will also help attract people here and in turn help existing businesses.”

Spy Mansion Real Estate

Spy Manor Real Estate specializes in luxury properties and the creation of bespoke film inspired properties covering the whole of the Algarve. The owners, having bought a property as foreigners five years ago, understand the challenges you face when moving to Portugal. They therefore provide a comprehensive service through a network of legal, public service providers, architects, designers and contractors. “It all started with the real estate broker, Rodrigo Santos, at that time he sold us one, then later different other properties, it was the way he engaged with us after the purchase that was different. After seeing all of this and seeing his passion and dedication, we embraced the concept and said that’s how we’d like to treat our customers as well, that’s why we partnered with Rodrigo and we have a network partners who work with us. ”

Vanda explained “We always like to say that we offer clients a complete concept, with us they are not just buying or selling a property, it is not just a act of buying or selling that they perform, they truly become part of us, part of our network, part of our family.

Rodrigo Santos, told me that what differentiates them is that “the philosophy of the company is that of a concierge service. We take care of our customer before the sale, during the sale and after the sale for as long as he needs us. We want to maintain the same relationship as when we first met. Vanda added: “Dwelling on the relationship part, our real estate company is part of the Spy Manor group of companies, so we also try to engage our real estate clients in the other activities that we do as a company.”

Additionally, Rodrigo explained, “What makes us unique is that over the past two years, working with Spy Manor, I have been able to experience the possibility of building. Some clients are able to invest but hesitate because they are in a different country and don’t speak the language, but with us everything is taken care of and we can make their dream home a reality with the unique opportunity to build themed houses. We have a professional set of companies that we trust and are committed to delivering quality and we are able to provide customer updates as part of our comprehensive service. We greatly simplify the process of creating and buying a property in the Algarve.

Regarding the future, they confirmed that they are hiring real estate agents with Vanda explaining that “We are looking for experienced agents but also new people who would like to pursue a career in real estate. We seek success and are ready to share success, so we offer competitive commission schemes for agents. »

Speaking of expansion, Spy Manor Real Estate plans to increase the number of offices, not just in the Algarve, but across Portugal, in hopes of raising awareness of the brand internationally. With Vanda sharing their vision “We are creating a network of individuals and professionals and with the world growing digitally, we cherish this original type of connection between people.”

Embrace NFTS

Vanda revealed that they are also experimenting with NFTs via utility tokens and that “our ultimate vision that we have with the new concept of NFTs is that with the new Sky Base One villa that we are developing, we are going to create the utility tokens, who at this stage will not be offered to buy an entire house because the process is not there yet, from a legal perspective, but we are working to build a community of like-minded people who have the same vision to do something very different here.

The Portugal News is delighted to welcome Spy Manor Productions to the community here in Portugal. For more information and to get in touch with Spy Manor, please visit https://www.spymanorrealestate.com/ and https://spymanor.com/.


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