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The Delta variant caused various EU countries will tighten their entry restrictions following the increase in cases of the new variant.

Europe opened up this summer, with France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece opening up to American travelers after more than a year of closure to North America. Unfortunately, due to the increase in cases of the Delta variant across Europe, some countries are tightening the restrictions.

According to scientists, the Delta variant is 60% After transmissible than previous COVID-19 strains. This is leading to an increase in cases in Europe, with a skyrocketing in the UK. This prompted EU countries to contemplate impose a mandatory quarantine on British arrivals.

The new restrictions

Although some countries, such as the UK, are relaxation restrictions despite the prevalence of the Delta variant. The Delta variant worries many countries in the EU, including Lithuania, which announced increased restrictions for overseas travelers from July 5.

These restrictions include quarantine and testing for arrivals from countries at risk. The nation will put the countries in green, yellow and red categories. Travelers from Green List countries will be required to undergo a mandatory PCR test and rapid antigenic test for travelers within the previous 48 hours.

Lithuania opens its borders

If travelers come from countries on the yellow list, the Lithuanian government specifies that travelers must submit to a double testing requirement. Travelers will need a negative test result before arrival and a second test within three to five days.

However, if travelers come from a country on the Red List, they will have to submit to a mandatory ten-day quarantine. If travelers test negative for COVID-19 after arrival, they will shorten their mandatory quarantine to just seven days.

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Otherwise, Slovakia possesses decided introduce new preventive measures at the border. This includes closing borders in parts of the country, and the country will implement restrictions on inbound trains.

In addition, all travelers entering Slovakia from July 9 must register online and isolate yourself for 14 days if they are not fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, travelers cannot end the period of self-isolation sooner if they test negative during self-isolation, unlike many other countries.

Portugal has also implemented curfews in restaurants and nightlife, and anyone coming to Portugal by land, sea or air must show proof of full vaccination. Portugal is the first European country to announce that the Delta variant is the dominant variety.

Officials of France, Spain and Germany the increase in cases closely follows. Last week, Germany started to introduce restrictions on travelers from Russia and Portugal. More, Germany considered imposing a mandatory quarantine on UK arrivals. But the country has decided not to impose a mandatory quarantine.

Barcelona reopens

Spain introduced restrictions on UK travelers, including proof of complete vaccination and proof of a negative PCR test. However, Spain has refused to introduce a quarantine on British arrivals, despite calls from various EU countries.

European countries open to American travelers

Despite worrying news that various countries are reintroducing restrictions on travelers, several EU countries are opening and remain open to American travelers. These countries include:

  • Albania
  • Austria
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Great Britain

These countries remain open to U.S. travelers if they have proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination. In addition, some of these countries do not require proof of vaccination, including Ireland, France and Denmark.

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The new wave of Delta variant suitcases will be of concern to some travelers looking to book vacations in Europe. Travelers with proof of vaccination Probably be able to travel in Europe regardless of the situation of the Delta variant. However, that could change in the coming weeks.

Travel to Europe remains open to American travelers with few restrictions, but monitoring the situation next month is the right thing to do.


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