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Photo submitted An example of an artwork featured in the Source Gallery’s “Lisbon Meets Lisbon” exhibition.

LISBON – Source Gallery, 40 N. Park Ave., Lisbon, announces its “Lisbon meets Lisbon” exhibition, a unique showcase of unique works by artists from “Lisbon” and artists who have captured the beauty, charm and history “Lisbon” – both the local landmark of Lisbon, Ohio and its namesake sister city of Lisbon, Portugal.

The artist’s opening reception will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. on September 16. The exhibition will be available until October 21.

About “Lisbon meets Lisbon”

The idea for this new upcoming exhibition was born during the Source Gallery’s recent opportunity to represent the works of Kurdish conceptual artist Ilos Ilyas Elias Kirkan, an abstract painter from Lisbon, Portugal. It was a collaborative idea to create a showcase of art, from and about, the two cities of Lisbon, showcasing art and artists who have captured the beauty, charm and history that is “Lisbon” – both the local historic city of Lisbon, Ohio and its namesake city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Thus was born “Lisbon meets Lisbon”, a curated show that shares the work of local artists and their visions that showcases the charm, history and beauty that is “Lisbon” and includes a few surprises themed around its sister city of Lisbon, Portugal.

About the artists

The exhibition will present the works of more than 18 artists:

¯ Alfred Wands, Denver (Engraving)

¯ Astrid Adrian Domenack, Lisbon, Ohio (Crochet Fiber Art)

¯ Bob Bye, Lisbon, Ohio (landscape painting)

¯ Craig Wetzel, East Liverpool (watercolour/pen and ink)

¯ Dave McCamon, Lisbon, Ohio (Engraving)

¯ Diane Marie Beatty, Campbell, Ohio (Photography)

¯ Ilos Ilyas Elias Kirkan, Lisbon, Portugal (Abstract painting)

¯ Jack Amato Jr., Lisbon, Ohio (Coppersmith Jewelry)

¯ Kathleen Gray Farthing, Alliance (Outdoor Painting)

¯ Nancy Hawkins, Columbiana (Plein Air)

¯ Nick Baronzzi, Lisbon, Ohio (Photography)

¯ Rebecca Hawkins, Columbiana (Plein Air Painting)

¯ Shari Fry, Columbiana (Plein Air)

¯ Sheri Liebshner, East Liverpool (Plein Air Painting)

¯ Stephan Belaney, Lisbon, Ohio (Painting and prints)

¯ Steven Leahy, Beloit (miniature airbrush painting)

¯ Tom McKenna, Lisbon, Ohio (Painting)

¯ Zac Strong, Lisbon, Ohio (Metal sculpture)

Source Gallery has been open since January 2022. It features locally produced artwork as well as regional and national artists that complement the collection of artwork available.

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