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Naky Gaglo, the creator of the African Lisbon Tour, was born in To go to parents of a mixture of various African cultures. For ten years he has been a expatriate in Europe, and since 2014 he lives in Portugal. When not leading a tour, Naky works as a real estate consultant.

A self-taught jack-of-all-trades with a particular interest in everything related to the history of the African continent, Naky attaches the greatest importance to putting history into context, so that it can be re-discussed by all and completed. to include parts that have been omitted and skipped.

“One of the greatest writers on the African continent, Chinua Achebe, wrote ‘Until lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.’ The colonization of Europe, which is largely responsible for the many difficulties facing Africa, has substituted the history of great kingdoms and great men with dark stories which they blame on Africans and pretend to be for saviors,” Naky said.


“Even today, this myth of the ‘good white man’ is widespread, not only in Africa, but also in Europe: an insult to the dignity and intelligence of Africans. We, the descendants of the lions, must correct what the hunters have written so that the legacy of our ancestors is not tainted with lies. Descendants of hunters must understand the dimension of the deeds of their ancestors in order to understand the origin of certain theories aimed at dehumanizing Africans, so that together we can create a better living space for all.

The African Lisbon Tour is a guided tour on transatlantic trade and colonization, providing a space for discussion and debate on this part of history that has been silenced in the media, textbooks and public places in Portugal and elsewhere.

Naky launched the travel agency in 2014 after his expatriation to Portugal. His inspiration for his creation came from his observation that if the African community seemed physically present in the streets of Lisbon, it did not seem present in the history of the country.


“Having noticed this, I became interested in the subject, because I wanted to know a lot more about their history. I then decided to train myself by writing about the history of Portugal. In order to learn more, I took part in guided tours in the city, but none of them touched on the topics mentioned above. It was the trigger. »

Thus, the African Lisbon Tour was born. The tour focuses on the black diaspora in Portugal, and in particular in Lisbon. Through these visits, Naky aims to educate people about the history of Africans in Portugal, as well as their economic, social, cultural, religious and other contributions to Portugal.

The visit is divided into two parts. First, there is a four-hour walking portion, during which Naky guides participants in exploring Portuguese black history by connecting the past to the present. The second part consists of a delicious meal in an African restaurant. An optional third part can also be added.


“If people still have energy, and if the weather permits, we can add a festive part where we do a pub crawl that can end in a club. It’s important to remember that we only explore black businesses.

Interested in booking an African tour from Lisbon? You can reserve your spot by booking a tour on Airbnbby sending an e-mail [email protected]or by sending a message to instagram or Facebook pages. It will also soon be possible to book directly on www.africanlisbontour.com by choosing your predefined dates.

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