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The Brightman Group, led by Anne Brightman, sponsored the last Real Estate MeetUP organized by the American Club of Lisbon on March 10.

The highly successful event, attended by over 70 people, saw guest speaker José Cardoso Botelho, CEO of Vanguard Properties, one of Portugal’s largest luxury developers, address the group on the market.

“José is recognized as a leader in luxury real estate in Portugal and it was inspiring to hear his personal stories and learn more about Vanguard’s past and future projects,” said Anne Brightman.

This was the latest in a series of Brightman Group-sponsored events, which are held regularly throughout the year and offer guests and members the opportunity to hear from leaders in the real estate industry. The first event, which took place last November, saw Anne herself being interviewed by the Club’s Patrick Siegler-Lathrop.

Brightman Group CEO Anne Brightman said The news from Portugal that the event was a great success and sold out, and added that she is already working on the next event with announcements to be made via the Brightman Group website and also that of the American Club of Lisbon.

Originally from Texas, Anne first joined the American Club of Lisbon because she was from the United States and saw that there were many other Americans in the capital, adding that she had found that the American market was also becoming more buoyant with “many Americans turning to Portugal either to invest or to live”.

Anne Brightman established her luxury real estate business over four years ago and brought her unique skills and focus on client service to the market.

“One of the greatest things about my job is the satisfaction I get from seeing my client, whether an investor or a first time owner, walk away from a closing with a glow that tells me I’ve done great work.

“I am a native Texan living in Portugal with experience in the real estate markets of Europe, Brazil and the United States. Customer relationships are at the heart of our business and I adhere to the principle that long-term goals and success are achieved through customer satisfaction. I am an experienced negotiator and I firmly believe that every sale must be a win for all parties,” explained Anne.

When Anne first moved to Portugal, she encountered a series of relocation issues and saw a gap in the market that she knew she would be able to successfully fill with the Brightman Group.

“Our mission is to offer customers the best possible customer journey when buying a property in the Portuguese market. Our goal is to be recognized as a benchmark for quality, transparency and integrity , wherever we do business.

“Our team of multicultural agents, dedicated members of marketing and administration are the driving force behind Brightman Group and are key to our success. It is Brightman Group’s commitment to this phenomenal team that makes us a unique and successful agency in a highly competitive market.”

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