Faro bus drivers go on strike in early November


Faro city bus drivers today decided to schedule a strike for the period from November 2 to 5, demanding wage increases and changes to the employment contract.

The decision was taken in a vote, held on Wednesday morning, by around 80% of the 40 workers of the company PXM- (Próximo) – Transportes Urbanos de Faro, the Algarve regional coordinator of the Transport Workers’ Union. road and urban Portugal (STRUP) said Lusa.

According to Paulo Afonso, the workers are demanding “an increase in the base salary to 750 euros, the revision of the maximum rest time from three to two hours, the replacement of shifts and the full integration of the single agent subsidy in salary. “.

According to the union leader, the workers “want to see the entire single agent subsidy built into the salary and not just 5% of the 25% of the normal working hour.”

“This is a subsidy that the drivers receive as compensation for collecting tickets, since the ticket collectors have been removed,” he explained.

The judgment also seeks to demand that the maximum period of “unpaid rest be reduced from three to two hours, as well as the replacement of the scales by only two hours of maximum rest”.

In Wednesday’s vote, urban road transport workers in the city of Faro also decided to hold a vigil at the company’s premises, during the first of four days of the strike.


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