FirstFT: North-South Division Looms as UK Electric Vehicle Sales Hit Record



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Record acceleration in UK electric car sales is likely to be confined to London and south-east England without a significant increase in street charging across the country, the industry trade group has warned. automobile.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, more electric cars were registered in 2021 than in the previous five years, while one in four new cars sold in the UK in December was battery-powered.

But while 20 percent of electric car sales were in London and the south-east, Wales and the north of England accounted for less than 10 percent.

Mike Hawes, managing director of SMMT, said the supply of on-street charging was “much slower” than the growth in electric car sales, which nearly doubled from 108,000 in 2020 to 191,000 in a year. last, accounting for 11.6% of all sales during the year.

While the “early adopters” in the South East were generally wealthier with driveways, many people need to charge their cars on the street. “There is concern that infrastructure is one of the biggest barriers for people considering this type of purchase,” Hawes said. “We need the entire UK car population to make this change. We don’t want this to become a north-south problem.

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1. Johnson urged to cut £ 12bn tax hike Boris Johnson was challenged by Jacob Rees-Mogg to drop a planned £ 12bn tax hike in April as the House of Commons leader led a revolt rising cost of living for conservatives amid rising inflation and rising energy bills.

2. EU warns US and Russia against new “Yalta” in Europe Josep Borrell, the EU’s top diplomat, warned Russia and the US against creating “spheres of influence” that would divide Europe ahead of next week’s talks between the two countries and NATO on Moscow’s proposals that would reshape the continent’s defense and security architecture.

Josep Borrell, head of the EU’s foreign and security branch, visits the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine © Maksim Levin / Reuters

3. US start-ups raise $ 330 billion in 2021 as venture capitalists compete Investors invested a record $ 330 billion in private startups in the United States last year, nearly double the 2020 total, in a wave of negotiations that quickly inflated company valuations and Gave the founders leverage as venture capitalists competed against other deep-pocketed investors for deals.

4. Confidence in Portuguese elite diminishes due to corruption Perceived loopholes in the fight against corruption have become an urgent political issue in Portugal, where business leaders, presidents of football clubs, judges, high profile bankers and even a former prime minister have been taken to the fore. trap in corruption scandals.

5. Investors invest record amounts in UK construction rental properties Last year, banks, real estate funds and other institutional investors injected a record amount of liquidity into the UK rental property market, fueling a boom that is expected to continue until 2022.

Coronavirus digest

  • A staff crisis at NHS plans to reduce waiting lists will hit, MPs said.

  • tennis champion Novak Djokovic must be deported from Australia after failing to provide evidence to justify a Covid vaccine exemption.

  • China rushes to develop its own mRNA vaccine as doubts grow over inactivated virus technology used in home injections.

  • Isolated Hong Kong faces higher food prices as pandemic restrictions bite.

  • Boris Johnson announced a reshuffle of the Covid testing regime: People traveling to England will no longer need pre-departure testing from Friday.

The day to come

Sydney festival begins The arts and culture festival starts today. More than 20 artists have announced that they will boycott the event due to a sponsorship deal with the Israeli embassy. (Guardian)

Anniversary of the United States Capitol Riots Joe Biden is expected to speak at the United States Capitol to mark a year since the deadly assault by a mob supporting then-President Donald Trump. Democratic lawmakers have since failed to unite the American public in condemning the siege.

PMI figures The IHS Markit Service Sector Purchasing Managers Index for Japan, Australia and China is expected to be released, as are construction figures for the eurozone, Germany and France.

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To travel

From the grand old War Office building in Whitehall to a Rwandan island retreat, here are the biggest hotel openings of 2022.

Accommodation in Sextantio Rwanda is in thatched beehive huts

Accommodation in Sextantio Rwanda is in thatched beehive huts

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