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The Portugal News is available nationwide from newsagents and from February 11 you can pick up your free copy in Estoril at the Brightman Group.

Free editions are available weekly in the Algarve and Lisbon, and from next week at the Brightman Group in Estoril, located at Av. Clotilde, Arcadas do Parque, 52N, 2765-211 (next to the Pharmacy).

Brightman Group is a full-service property boutique located in the heart of Estoril. The company focuses on the luxury residential market in addition to specializing in Golden Visa opportunities through real estate purchases or investments. With options throughout Portugal, BG will find the ideal solution to meet the needs of its customers.

For investors looking for commercial properties, BG also offers an extensive private portfolio ranging from large-scale developments, office buildings, senior and student accommodation, as well as hotels or buildings for rehabilitation.

With an American CEO who brings an innovative vision to the Portuguese market and who works with one of BG’s highly qualified and multicultural agents, committed to providing a reference service, the assurance of customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

For more information on Brightman Group, please visit, email [email protected] or call (+351) 214 836 002

Get your weekly copy in print, read all the latest updates online at or download our new app available for iOS and Android, to have the news at your fingertips wherever you are.


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