Legal experts from Macau to Hengqin indispensable for Chinese investors in Portuguese-speaking countries


Chinese investors in Portuguese-speaking countries are looking to the territory’s only law firm in Hengqin to resolve legal issues, said the director of a firm that brings together legal experts from Macau, Hong Kong and the mainland.

Founded in 2016, ZLF is the first joint venture between law firms in China РZhong Yin -, Macao РRato, Ling, Lei & Cort̩s Рand Hong Kong РFONGS -, in Hengqin.

“Our Macao lawyers are solving Chinese investment issues in Portuguese-speaking countries,” Chen Yi said, noting that “Brazil is a very popular investment destination,” the firm having “established a network of law firms Portuguese speakers ”.

Cross-border business financing, real estate, construction and infrastructure, intellectual property rights, insurance, immigration and cross-border dispute resolution, among others, include “the scope of activity of the ZLF”, she noted.

The firm works mainly in the field of civil and commercial law, successfully resolving about ten cases per year, said the manager.

At present, and due to the current measures against covid-19, Macao residents with Portuguese nationality are unable to obtain a visa to work in the Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone in Hengqin.

“In my opinion, the central government should grant visas to Macao residents of Portuguese nationality to enter China,” said Chen Yi, during a meeting with Portuguese-speaking and English-speaking journalists visiting Hengqin.

In September, Beijing gave Macau an additional 106 square kilometers to diversify the economy and escape gambling addiction, sharing an island with neighboring southern China’s Guangdong Province in a model unlike any other in the world.

The exploration of the area of ​​deep cooperation, in shared management with the authorities of the neighboring province of Guangdong, will strengthen the integration of Macao with China and alleviate the constraints of space and resources, as well as the diversification of the country. economy of the territory, with the development of industries in areas such as health, finance, advanced technologies, tourism, culture and sport.

The project is based on three development phases, 2024, 2029 and 2035, assuming itself as “pioneering ground” which gives strength to the Greater Bay Area Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao, the project was launched in 2017 by Beijing to create a global metropolis, home to more than 80 million people in an area that includes nine cities in the Chinese province and the two special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong.

The Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Industrial Park in Hengqin has already made land available for 25 projects with an agreed investment of RMB 79.3 billion. More than 4,500 Macau companies have registered, of which more than 300 operate in Hengqin.


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