Manchester United: Cristiano Ronaldo’s weakness revealed


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United co-star and compatriot Bruno Fernandes has disclosed one thing he’s terrible for, and it has nothing to do with football.

Throughout his brilliant career, Cristiano Ronaldo has never let adversity slow him down. At 36, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner still scores goals and he currently has six goals for Manchester United in all competitions.

However, according to Bruno Fernandes, Ronaldo’s Manchester United and Portugal team-mate, he’s not really good at something: speaking his native language, Portuguese.

As in other countries, there are also different dialects in Portugal. And according to Fernandes, the dialect used in Ronaldo’s hometown, “Madeira”, is certainly problematic.

“A few words in Portugal, if you ask Cristiano [Ronaldo] he will say me and Diogo [Jota] we talk to him in a different way, ”Fernandes recently said on KFC UK and the Ireland YouTube series. Wingers.

“[Ronaldo’s] His original way is one of the worst Portuguese ways, ”he continued. “Cristiano from Madeira, oh my god you swear the Portuguese can’t understand what they’re saying.”

Whether Fernandes is telling the truth or not, the apparent language barrier does not appear to have been a problem for Ronaldo as he is loved by millions around the world.

Manchester United are preparing to face English Premier League rivals Liverpool. The club will seek to end their victorious drought in the English top flight. Again, many expect Ronaldo to continue where he left off in Atalanta where he punched the late Red Devils heroic.

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