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0, which develops technological solutions, will open an office in Braga in 2022.

In a statement, the company points out that the 100 new positions in the Braga center will all be based on hybrid work.

“We want to be closer to the talent hubs in Portugal, so the opening of the new center in Braga is in line with our strategy,” said Silvia Bechmann, CEO of

Silvia Bechmann underlines that, given the new paradigm of work in this post-pandemic period, the company’s strategy is to have “collaborative workspaces, where teams can meet, work together if necessary and, above all, , live the culture ”.

“The new center in Braga opens in this context, therefore the vacancies that we have opened, as well as those that we will open, are not attributed to a particular space, but to certain skills that we are looking for in the professionals who will collaborate with us. “.

The executive director of InvestBraga, Carlos Silva, considers that “the arrival of the development center in Braga reinforces the innovative character of the municipality and its economic fabric”.

“This shows that Braga and our region have great momentum, capturing the attention of large multinationals,” he said. is the subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG for the development of technological solutions for marketing and sales.

It is already established in Lisbon as well as in Berlin and Stuttgart (Germany), and currently has 455 employees in total.

In Portugal, the company has a team of 245 professionals and plans to open around 100 additional vacancies to be filled throughout 2022.

All open positions can be viewed on the company’s website.


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