More countries offering digital nomad visas, including Croatia, Spain, Portugal and others


digital nomad visas are all the rage and for good reason. For people who wish to continue working remotely following the Covid, visas are the solution.

In particular, Europe allows people to work abroad. Across the continent, from those with longstanding programs like Croatia and Estonia to newcomers like Spain and Portugal, countries are seeing the potential for new potential residents in response to their declining tourism industries, reported Forbes.

Countries make it easier for people to apply for and obtain temporary residency when working for a foreign company or as a freelancer.

“Not only does this help to bridge low season gaps in tourism-dependent destinations, but it offers non-EU citizens the option to legally work remotely,” Euronews said. Digital nomad visa programs “also help countries tackle other issues, from brain drain to aging populations.”

“Digital nomad visas fill a legal void for remote workers who want to spend short or long periods abroad working independently,” etiasvisa added. “These professionals can take their work wherever they go. (Usually they only need a laptop and an internet connection.)”

The European digital nomad permit has many advantages, including the possibility for beneficiaries to travel without a visa to the 26 countries of the Schengen area.

While some programs were specifically designed for remote workers, others were adapted from previous work visas to include some variation between them. However, they generally follow the same idea: allowing a temporary residence permit for foreigners for a stay of six months to two years.

Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Hungary, Iceland, Greece and the Czech Republic are on the list of European countries already offering full or partial versions of the program, but with income requirements ranging from €2,000 to €3,000. a month.

Spain, Italy and a few others are implementing similar visa programs for digital nomads.


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