Neve is the perfect centerpiece for Sony Music’s new studio


Neve is the perfect centerpiece for Sony Music’s new studio

Neve is the perfect centerpiece for Sony Music's new studio

United States – 5020 Studios, the latest addition to the Florida music scene, has officially opened with a 32-channel Neve BCM10 / 2 Mk2 console as its centerpiece. This exceptional console, the largest of its kind in the world, was chosen for its legendary Neve sound and its ease of integration into the studio.

“The Neve BCM10 / 2 Mk2 is a decidedly modern console with a vintage soul,” says Adrian Morales-Demori, Latin GRAMMY Award-winning producer and sound engineer, who runs the new installation. “It’s more than just a functional console. It’s a thing of beauty, the Rolls Royce of consoles. It sounds great, it’s amazing for recording and mixing, but it’s also very easy to use.

Housed in 15,000 square feet of premier Miami real estate, 5020 Studios features three studios, multiple writing rooms, and the first Sony 360RA mixing room in Miami for their new immersive audio format. An open loft under the studios has also been transformed into a large multi-purpose space for performances, photos and videos, meetings, special events, and more. This link with all studios using a dedicated Dante network, so artists can record and / or broadcast live performances using all studio tools.

Led by Sony Music Latin, under the leadership of Afo Verde (president and CEO of Sony Music Latin Latin America, Spain and Portugal) and Rafa Arcaute (vice president of Sony Music, A&R Latin America, Spain and Portugal), the studio represents their continued commitment to their mission statement; to be “La Casa Del Artista” (The House of Artists), creating a space that will become the automatic creative vortex allowing artists to meet all their needs and provide the tools necessary to capture and deliver their vision of the highest quality possible.

Morales-Demori, COO of A&R Studio, says: “5020 Studios is the crown jewel of Sony Music Latin; not only because it is one of the largest facilities operated by the company, but also because it is truly state of the art and innovates in terms of the technology that we deploy, to attract and excite our artists as well as songwriters, producers and engineers.

The fact that 5020 Studios exists is a major achievement, given that its design and construction took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sony took over the premises in early 2020 and appointed Horacio Malvicino and Fabiola Mena, partners of the Malvicino Design Group, to manage the design, construction and integration of the studio systems. But within a week, Covid forced everyone to self-quarantine and actual construction could not begin until the end of last year.

“We had to plan everything online via endless conference calls and it really took us off the beaten track in terms of design,” says Morales-Demori. “We did a lot of 3D renderings and a lot of decisions were made as a result of those, so when we finally started building we were able to finish the project really quickly because all the guesswork was taken away. “

Malvicino, who was stricken with the virus at the start of the pandemic but thankfully made a full recovery, adds: “Once the work started, we completed the whole project in just four months. We pre-wired all the patch bays in advance and spent 12 days installing them. The office was installed in January and we spent a few days testing it. In the 40 years that I have been involved in designing and building studios, I have installed over 100 Neve consoles, so I know exactly what I’m doing. The BCM10 / 2 Mk2 card is very simple and presents no problem. I was able to pre-wire everything before I was even there, which certainly made the job faster.

Neve’s staff, says Malvicino, were very happy to consult, both before and during installation. “I’ve known the company for so long that most of the tech team are old friends,” he laughs.

Neve’s BCM10 / 2 Mk 2 builds on the design of the classic 1960s BCM10, the ultimate monitoring console for many of the world’s top studios and a desktop whose distinctive sound can be heard on countless recordings spanning the last five decades.

When designing the modern BCM10 / 2 Mk2, Neve engineers painstakingly reverse-engineered the classic BCM10, following its Class A topology and researching original components to ensure it delivers. the same legendary Neve sound. Modern routing and monitoring options have been introduced to update it for use in today’s DAW studios and, of course, 1073N mic preamp and EQ modules have been installed on each channel.

“When I proposed to my boss, Rafa Arcaute, a Neve console for the studio, with 32 channels of 1073, he immediately understood why”, explains Morales-Demori. “He’s a full-fledged, multi-GRAMMY Award-winning producer and songwriter, so he has the musicality and knowledge to appreciate the importance of Neve’s legendary sound. This trust in Neve’s name and reputation is very important to us and it is a relationship we want to build on in the future.

Rafa Arcaute adds: “In the studio, nothing is more important than the console; is a fundamental section of the flow of the creative input chain produced around the work. In Argentina, Germany, Spain, Mexico or anywhere in the world, finding AMS Neve equipment is a guarantee of excellence. We are grateful to have the 32 Channel neve BCM10 / 2 Mk2, the largest in the world, as the center, lung and heart of our 5020 creative hub.

The other two rooms at 5020 Studios are fitted with 1073 mic preamps and so that the same signal path and high quality sound is reflected throughout the building, making it easy to move work from one room to another. . The facility also has a portable 1073OPX, making it easy to maximize Neve sound across the property using its Dante network.

“If you work here you know you get the best in all of our rooms,” says Morales-Demori. “It’s not a question of one piece being better than another because they’re all great.

Since the studio opened, Adrian Morales-Demori says there has been a lot of interest from producers and artists who want to book a session and try out the new facilities. He’s excited about the future and believes 5020 Studios will be a game-changer for Sony Music, the city of Miami and the music industry in general to become a respected brand in its own right.

July 14, 2021


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