New flights between New York and São Miguel


United Airlines will launch weekly flights between New York, United States, and Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores, with 114 flights scheduled through the end of September, it was announced today.

According to the Azores Tourism Association (ATA), flights will be operated between Newark Airport and Ponta Delgada Airport, with “three weekly frequencies on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, from May 13 to June 3”, becoming “a daily frequency” from June 4 to September 28, with a total of 114 flights. The connections will be made with a 166-seat Boeing 737-MAX, which will allow “a capacity in number of seats of 18,924”, indicates the ATA. In a press release, the ATA underlines that the operation is the result of a partnership between the association, ANA Airports and Tourism of Portugal, in collaboration with the government of the Azores, with the aim of “consolidating the air accessibility of the archipelago” in order to boost tourism.

For the president of the ATA, Carlos Morais, “the presence of UNITED in the Azores in the summer of 2022 demonstrates the work of consolidating the promotion of the Azores” that the association is developing in particular in the United States”. is a great opportunity for the tourism sector of the Azores, since the United States of America is the second largest outbound international market for tourists in the Azores and UNITED is one of the most important American airlines”, underlined Carlos Morais.

In order to stimulate tourism demand in the market, and in addition to the joint marketing campaign that will be carried out with UNITED Airlines, the ATA will develop promotional activities in partnership with tour operators in the American market. The ATA reveals that online direct marketing campaigns are also planned “in view of the necessary increase in the awareness of the Azores as a destination in this market. Always having in mind the promotion of the destination, the increase of accessibility and the attraction of new routes, this is another achievement of the Azores Tourism Association that aims to contribute to the successful recovery of the sector in the Autonomous Region of the Azores”, said association.


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