Omicron variant causing milder than delta disease in most Britons, first official report says


THealth Minister Gillian Keegan has not ruled out the rumor of an alleged breaker after Christmas.

Asked on Sky News on Wednesday whether the omicron cases had stabilized, Ms Keegan said ‘we don’t know yet’, adding: ‘No we haven’t received that information, we are monitoring the data very, very carefully “.

She said the decision that had been taken on further restrictions was “a difficult decision. We don’t have all the information you would like to have close at hand, especially… the severity of the illness. So it’s a difficult balance. but we think we have the right balance.

“You know, telling the country we wanted to lock down, etc., when you have those kinds of numbers wouldn’t seem proportionate.”

When asked if the country continues on its current track if there is a chance that a breaker lockout will not occur, Ms Keegan said: ‘We are waiting for data on the severity, we will always have to wait. to see where we’ll end up on that, but we can’t really say, you know.

“What we said is that until Christmas we’re going to be looking at the data, looking at the numbers that we have at the moment, but, of course, we have to look at where this virus is going, where this variant is going. , so we have to look at this data.

“I can’t tell you until I get this data, but you should be happy because we are doing a lot more than we could last year. We can see our families.”


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