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Updated: Sep 21, 2021 12:34 PM

A Portuguese cultural and community center was opened this weekend.

The Casa dos Açores – House of the Azores – at Admiralty Park in Pembroke, will be a base for the non-profit organization and charities dedicated to the preservation of the culture of the Azores in Bermuda.

Wayne Furbert, the Acting Minister of Public Works, cut the ribbon in the center with Jose Andrade, the Director of Regional Communities in the Government of the Azores.

Mr Furbert said: “The charity is responsible for promoting and carrying out activities that celebrate the culture of the Azores and promote its history with the Bermuda community so that we can all understand who they are, where they are from. and their contributions to our society.

Portuguese Center: A new cultural center for people who draw links with the Azores has opened (Images of Casa dos Açores da Bermuda Facebook)

Mr Furbert added that the history of the Portuguese living in Bermuda dates back to the 19th century and that the Portuguese Rock, originally called the Spanish Rock, had initials engraved by Portuguese sailors in 1543.

Wayne Furbert, the Acting Minister of Public Works, helps open the Casa dos Açores Cultural Center in Admiralty Park, Pembroke, this weekend (Images from Casa dos Açores da Bermuda Facebook)

He said: “In any event, since arriving in Bermuda, the Portuguese community has made Bermuda their home while promoting and preserving the heritage and cultural history of the Azores and educating the community in broad on the contributions of the descendants of the Azores to our country.

Mr Furbert added during last Sunday’s ribbon cutting that the creation of the center was part of a public-private partnership to put disused buildings back into service and Casa dos Açores was granted a lease in 2019.

He said: “The agreement included the complete renovation and use of this building, located in a national park, within the organization’s resources and a community center.

“The work included replacing the asbestos roof, structural repairs and fixtures installed throughout the building.

“Since then, the organization’s dedication and enthusiasm to bring the project to fruition and realize its vision for Bermuda has been demonstrated by the passion and effort put into making meaningful improvements.

Mr Furbert added: “I now look forward to the contributions of the Portuguese community in Bermuda to expand even further. “

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