Portuguese Silicon Valley was born in Matosinhos


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The Views Valley project in Matosinhos is a partnership between Farfetch and Castro Group.

Views Valley promises to be Portugal’s Silicon Valley, in Matosinhos, in an innovative Farfetch and Castro Group project that even Economy Minister Pedro Cesa Vieira is “stunned”. Its opening is scheduled for 2025 and should create 7,000 jobs.

The “Views Valley” project was presented in Matosinhos during a ceremony attended by the Minister of the Economy.

The future is worth the technology, or Silicon Valley, PortugalAs indicated, it will have offices to accommodate various businesses, a hotel, apartments, catering, commerce, gym, spa and green spaces.

Also he will have outdoor amphitheater To host conferences, workshops and art exhibitions.

crush bet on sustainable mobilityIt will also include spaces for recharging electric cars and stations for electric bicycles and scooters to be used near the project.

The initiative is the result of a technical partnership Farfetch, the leading luxury fashion e-commerce platform, with a company from Braga Castro Group Operating in the construction and real estate markets.

Wadi Views will host Farfetch’s futuristic global campus It will also include a nursery for the children of company employees, as well as a wellness academy with exercise, yoga and meditation rooms.

A revolutionary project for the national economy

It is a project with extension “Inspiring and exemplary vision”As the Minister of the Economy himself assumed formulations published by Eco. Siza Vieira even said he was “amazed at the potential he has”.

The mayor of Matossinos, Luisa Salgueiro, who was also present at the presentation ceremony of the project, also told Echo that “the prospect is that they will be created 7,000 new jobsEspecially in the digital field.

“This project is something revolutionary for the national economy And for Matosinhos, it is a strategic investment ”, underlined Luisa Salguero.

“smart city”

“Innovation, sustainability and luxury” are the fundamental principles of the development of “Fuse Valley”, as Ecko, CEO of Farfetch José Neves, stressed, stressing that it should be The most sustainable project in Portugal And one of the most sustainable markets in Europe.

“In addition to the offices, we were delighted to have a plan that included other companies and other entities – for-profit or not. It is also a hotel, due to the mobility that businesses have these days. The idea is that the project openness to society region, but also to the business world, ”notes José Neves.

Castro Group CEO Paulo Castro points out that the idea is Create a “smart city”., or in this case, a smart valley, ”according to statements cited by Eco.

“We aspire to build a total of 24 buildings, 14 of which should be built by 2025. Among them, seven are dedicated to Farfetch spaces and the rest are promoted by the group, including the hotel,” notes Paulo Castro.

The project was signed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels 80% of the outdoor space is expected to be completely open to the community.

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