Putting the Algarve on the digital map


The Algarve will host the first edition of the “Algarve Tech Hub Summit”, from March 28 to April 3, a summit on innovation and technology to attract investment to the region.

Organized by Algarve companies and entities in the field of innovation, the event “intends to position the Algarve as a global and competitive technological hub, capable of attracting companies, institutions and individuals from various economic sectors,” said Vanessa Nascimento of Algarve Evolution.

The summit will take place in a hybrid format – face-to-face and online – in the cities of Faro and Loulé, in the district of Faro, with the presence of approximately 50 national and international speakers, from 10 countries, in the fields innovation, technology, tourism, agri-food, health, energy, digital, art and culture.

“In addition to Europe, Latin America will have a strong participation in this meeting, which will take place in the form of conferences and debates, which will also serve to analyze where we are and where we are going, a reflection that must be made in the region, very much around what are the strategic and priority themes for the region”, underlined Vanessa Nascimento.

The manager added that, during the seven days, the event should “also represent a step towards the culmination of the positioning of the Algarve as the best lifestyle destination in Europe for companies and individuals dedicated to the technology, identifying talent and attracting international interest groups, namely strategic investors, the scientific community and digital nomads”.

In the opinion of Vanessa Nascimento, “we still have to work hard and with all the entities, to have an innovative and economically more diversified Algarve”, and challenged all those who are not yet part of the project “to join to this event and to future events”. .

The organizers hope that the Algarve Tech Hub Summit will be able to aggregate and consolidate practical knowledge in specific technological fields, creating an intellectual potential that allows the development of successful projects.

The initiative was presented by videoconference and is part of the strategy to strengthen the regional technological ecosystem, developed by the University of Algarve and the associations Algarve STP and Algarve Evolution for the consolidation of the Algarve Tech Hub brand ( ATH), capable of positioning the Algarve at the forefront of building a winning strategy for a globally recognized and competitive digital region.


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