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It’s time to welcome visitors, introduce your new home and share why you chose to live in this Portuguese paradise under the sun.

Implementation stage

For those of you who have finished scouting your favorite location and settled in, you’ve probably gone through a very long to-do list. Finally, and with a sigh of relief, you can say that all the efforts, setbacks and challenges, all the fuss are now over and it’s time to let things sink in.

Allow yourself to reflect on your move, to remember when moving to Portugal was just a thought in your head, a seed you sowed. You nourished it with love, patience and perseverance. It is the years of preparation and all the many steps you have taken that have brought you to this present moment, where you have really arrived at your destination: Portugal.

Here are some practical questions that support the implementation stage; thought-provoking questions that help you process everything.

What were your push factors?

These are the things that took you away from your country. Things you wanted to get rid of or leave behind. For example, you wanted to live in a political and economic environment in line with your convictions, in a country where you feel safe, where you enjoy excellent health. Either you were looking for a better quality of life, or you wanted to find out who you are away from the things that were familiar to you.

Just let your answers appear and rate how heavy or light these factors seem to you.

What were your pull factors?

These are the things that attracted or pushed you to move to Portugal. For example, you wanted to live at a slower pace, live near the ocean, or live a healthier life. Or somewhere more affordable. Or you wanted to live in a warm and sunny country.

One way to measure what you have implemented is to notice whether the answers to these questions feel light or heavy. When they feel heavy, repeat them in a few weeks to see if they feel lighter then.

This stage of reflection can be quite interesting because many old structures from your past have been destroyed and you are now looking at an empty canvas, which means you can rethink your life! From how you want to spend your days to how you want to feel about everything you do!

How good can that be?

Once you understand why you moved and what prompted you to come to Portugal, you will naturally move on to the next step, which is to create the foundations for a happy life: building a community.

Sure, you’ve met people before and maybe made friends, but now you actually have more space to allow for real friendships.

Enjoy the good things in life

Connecting with other like-minded internationals is like food for the soul. It allows you to relax and feel nourished; your roots are slowly settling into the ground and you find that you now have the space and the energy to go a little further when making friends or, for example, learning the language! Both being an unmistakable aspect of ensuring you will feel at home.

Even if you’ve been here a little longer or haven’t arrived yet, imagine that ideal month of June and visualize what it would be like to live here while experiencing ease, joy, and fulfillment.
No matter what stage of arrival you are currently in, in our community we have internationals at all different stages of your move to Portugal, from sharing practical information to helping you meet your future new friends. and find your tribe.

Discover our events, the good things in life as well as new friendships because they can be just around the corner!

Ria van Doorn
|| [email protected]

Ria van Doorn is a life coach for internationals living abroad and founder of the Expat Center Portugal.


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