School principals ask for a third dose for teachers



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School principals argue that teachers and staff should perform antibody tests and receive a new dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to prevent a return to distance education, which would have “catastrophic effects” for students. students.

The study by the University of Coimbra Hospital Center, which concluded that three months after taking the vaccine, the antibodies started to fall, leaving people less protected against Covid-19, worries the school community, so they ask emergency government measures. A little over a month before the start of the school year, the principals stress that they are not scientists, but they know that “everything must be done so that schools do not close anymore”.

“Students cannot go home. Closing schools has catastrophic effects that will have long-term repercussions. We have already realized that distance education has been detrimental to students, in particular the youngest, who are less autonomous, and those who already need more support ”, underlined the vice-president of the ‘National association of group and public directors. Schools (ANDAEP) in statements in Lusa.

David Sousa recalled the measures that should be put in place now: screening and vaccination of the educational community, including all students aged 12 and over. The ANDAEP vice-president defends that staff working in schools that were one of the priority groups in immunization should be the target of serological tests that allow them to understand levels of immunity and to receive the third vaccine dose.

The president of the National Association of School Directors (ANDE), Manuel Pereira, is more careful: “I am not a health technician, nor a scientist, I just know that we must ensure that the conditions exist for a normal school year. exist. “” Decisions are made by the government on the basis of scientific assumptions. For us, the important thing is that students and teachers can be in schools and whether the scientific community says that three or four vaccines are needed , then we will agree, “he declared in statements to Lusa. Without wanting to enter the debate on taking new doses of vaccines, Manuel Pereira defended the serological tests with the educational community, the pointing as an advantage for schools but also for the scientific community: “I think it is of all interest, not only nationally but also internationally, to understand the level of immunity of those who have been vaccinated the longest”. Among teachers and staff, around 280,000 people have been vaccinated in a gradual process that started at the end of March.

David Sousa stresses that he has no scientific knowledge on the subject, but on the basis of what he has already read, it seems essential to go faster with the third dose of vaccination, to carry out serological tests as well as regular testing for covid-19, similar to what happened last year. “We also defend the vaccination of children from 12 years old,” added the vice-president of ANDAEP.

The conclusions of the study by scientists from the University of Coimbra also led the President of the Republic to recall on Sunday that the decision to administer a third dose rests with the Government, recalling that teachers were also among the first to be vaccinated.



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