“Shasta Stories” Shorts Make Everyday Siskiyou Stars


Mount. Newspapers from the Shasta region

Local film artist turns ordinary people of Siskiyou County into celebrities.

Autie Carlisle followed her dreams, traveled the world to find her true passion, and relocated to her hometown of Mount Shasta to become a filmmaker.

Carlisle creates a web series that highlights and celebrates the humanity, humor, courage and magic of the people of Siskiyou County. In excerpts, she captures the essence of the feelings her subjects experience, bringing the viewer directly onto the stage as she shares the experience of her series titled “Shasta Stories”.

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“I found an excuse to live the life I wanted,” said Carlisle, whom she found while filming.

The dream she followed first was a ten year career as a fashion designer. But, she says, “I was tired of making a product that I didn’t believe in. It was not satisfactory. The more I got better, the less I felt appreciated. I wanted to spend time with interesting people. Ireland to document a friend’s story.

His friend Ross Edmonds broke his neck riding a bull in Texas when he was in his 20s. “He was told that he could never ride bulls again. So he decided to go to Ireland to surf, which is contrasting, but also similar to bull riding. I wanted to film his story so I was there. followed in Ireland in 2019. ”

Autie Carlsile features the people of Siskiyiou County doing their thing in a series of short films called

From there, Carlisle continued to travel and made a short film called “Eight Countries“. It highlights the similarities and contrasts between strangers, places and activities with a subtle emphasis on grandfathers. She describes the film as a “trip up the wall of how people live in different countries”. From one visual to another, the observer travels between the eight countries with a dreamlike syntax. The eight countries are Ireland, England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta and the United States.

“Eight Countries” has been featured at small film festivals around the world this year, including the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF).

Using a Sony A7III video camera with a manual 40mm primary lens and audio gear, she builds her portfolio. After doing a TV show in New York City and a seven-minute profile of a salty man collecting his burnt debris while discussing his experiences of the September 2020 wildfire in southern Oregon, Carlisle is from back to Siskiyou County.

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“Shasta Stories” are 8-20 minute short films that feature ordinary people doing their thing. From a man in a Santa costume with his dog paint store windows in Mount Shasta to a lumberjack or gold digger, the series shows a variety of different people living vibrant lives and learning about their stories and why they end up. come to Siskiyou County.

“I make people fall in love with themselves,” Carlisle said. “Telling people’s stories makes them semi-famous and connects people. It unites us, making our lives together but so different. It makes us appreciate each other more. I earn a lot of that.”

There is humor, courage, humanity and even criminal aspects in “Shasta Stories”.

“I get amazing things on film. People are giving away their secrets. Couple it with the action, it’s not just an interview.”

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Some of the “Shasta Stories” topics include James Cannon of Couch Critics, spiritual teacher and local author Peter Mt. Shasta, owner of Weed Mercantile, Joyce Oliver, who built the Weed Skate Park, and gold diggers John “Scruff” Case. from Eagles Lodge in Dunsmuir.

You can find “Shasta Stories” at www.autiecarlisle.com/shastastories. They can also be found on Facebook @ShastaStoriesSeries or online through Siskiyou Media Council on Videos On Demand.


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