Shluchim Kinus in Portugal ends with a grand banquet


The annual Regional Kinus for Shluchim serving small Jewish communities across Europe and Africa ended with a grand banquet. Full story

Three days of sessions, networking and farbrenging ended with a grand banquet, the culmination of the Regional Kinus for Shluchim serving small Jewish communities across Europe and Africa. The Shluchim and Shluchos gathered with their families in Lisbon – Cascais, Portugal, for the annual Kinus.

Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld Chabad Portugal hosted the event. Opening of the evening, Rabbi Zalman’s Lent Chabad of Ireland led the Shluchim to recite the Rebbe’s Kapital. A beautiful Dvar Torah was delivered by the Rabbi Laima Barber of Chabad Maurice. Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice president of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, addressed the crowd, emphasizing the value of strong relationships between Shluchim, especially those who share similar styles and situations of Shlichus. Rabbi Noach Majesky Chabad Ghana delivered a captivating keynote address, sharing inspiration and motivation with fellow Shluchim. A member of the local community spoke passionately about his experiences with Chabad’s work locally and around the world.

Hosted by local Rabbi Shliach Eli and Raizel Rosenfeld and rabbi Haim and Hannah Chettrit from Rohr Chabad Portugal, the Kinus took place in the new construction – Avner Cohen Casa Chabad. Shluchim and Shluchos spent time in sessions and conversations covering a variety of topics. Discussions focused on issues relating to their unique Shlichus, such as the difficulties that arise when dealing with tourists and finding ways to balance local and international ba’alei battim. Topics such as Chinuch, budgeting and self-care were also covered.

Much of the time was spent learning Torah, with many Shiurim delivered by various Shluchim. A Kinus Torah was held, featuring a lineup of ten different Shluchim sharing Torah ideas. Both nights of the Kinus, Shluchim were found farbrenging until the wee hours of the morning.

“These regional Kinusim are particularly powerful and important to Shluchim in remote locations, isolated from wider Jewish communities and other Shluchim. For them, coming together to farbreng, to exchange ideas and to be each other’s mechazek, is so meaningful,” Rabbi Kotlarsky said.

An incredibly moving session, dubbed ‘Tshua B’rov Yoetz’, gave each Shliach the chance to speak for five minutes and share a story of how they overcame challenges in their Shlichus or personal life.

The Kinus also pointed to the resurgence of Yiddishkeit in Portugal, once a place where Jews were persecuted and expelled by the inquisition. The Shluchim were deeply impressed and inspired by the revitalization work of the local Shluchim. Jewish life is now flourishing. A beautiful Chabad House was recently built to accommodate the needs of the growing community with over 250 people attending this year’s Passover Seder. Many locals came to visit the Shluchim throughout the week. They were excited to learn that Portugal was hosting a conference of Jewish leaders from dozens of countries and wanted to see it for themselves.

Highlighting the symbolism of the Kinus held in Portugal, the place where the Rebbe and Rebbenit fled Nazi-occupied Europe, Rabbi Rosenfeld emphasized, “This gathering is not just about celebrating the resurgence of Jewish life in Portugal. It’s about the Rebbe’s vision for the world and how that vision is being realized more and more every day.


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