Show to turn Brooklyn Theater into a beach: BAM fall lineup


BROOKLYN, NY – A new show heading to the Brooklyn Academy of Music will turn its theater into a bustling beach, kicking off the fall season of on-site performances.

The recently announced BAM lineup will begin in September with Sun & Sea, an award-winning theatrical installation that will make its US premiere at Brooklyn Stadium.

The show will use 25 tons of sand to transform BAM’s Fisher Space into a beach, which will provide a backdrop for a story about climate change and the relationship between people and the planet, depending on the location. The play features 13 singers and 25 community members who act like beach goers.

Tickets for the show, and others from the fall lineup, will go on sale to BAM members and patrons on Tuesday and will be available to the general public next week at BAM’s. website.

“The thirst for artistic adventures has never been greater as our world continues to change
around us, ”BAM artistic director David Binder said in a statement on the fall shows. “Our 2021-22 season kicks off with works from a cohort of remarkable international artists, all of whom are making their debuts at BAM. New forms and ideas will abound in The Fisher, as they create singular experiences that can only happen at BAM. “

Here’s a rundown of all the shows starting this fall:

Sun & Sea

WHEN: Sep 15-26

O: BAM Fisher (Fishman Space), 321 Ashland Pl.

WHO: Direction and scenography by Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė; Libretto by Vaiva Grainytė; Music and musical direction by Lina Lapelytė; Organized by Lucia Pietroiusti

WHAT: “Using twenty-five tons of sand to transform the theater into a bustling beach, the sunbathing characters deliver a range of alluring harmonies and melodic stories that slide between the mundane, the sinister and the surreal. . From the sprawling tale of their lives emerges a piercing exploration of climate change, highlighting the complex relationship between people and our planet. The play is hosted by 13 singers who are surrounded by around 25 adventurous members of the local community who act like other beach goers.

100 keyboards, ASUNA

WHEN: Sep 30-Oct 2

O: BAM Fisher (Fishman Space), 321 Ashland Pl.

WHAT: “In ASUNA’s immersive work, 100 Keyboards, the performance begins with a note played and held on a battery-operated toy keyboard. The artist then meticulously repeats this process on 99 other keyboards throughout the space, until the sound reaches a singular resonant reverberation. As frequencies multiply, sound waves hover together in space, giving way to nuanced acoustic variations, altering the sound as the room progresses and creating a moiré pattern of sound interference. . Audience members are encouraged to congregate and move through space as ASUNA agile manipulates this unusual and sublime sound bath that is at once analog and electronic, minimal and complex, meditative and spellbinding. “

By heart

WHEN: October 5 to 17

O: BAM Fisher (Fishman Space), 321 Ashland Pl.

WHO: Written and performed by Tiago Rodrigues; Text with fragments and quotes from William Shakespeare, Ray Bradbury, George Steiner, Joseph Brodsky, among others; Scenography and costumes by Magda Bizarro; English translation Tiago Rodrigues, edited by Joana Frazão

WHAT: “By Heart by Portuguese playwright Tiago Rodrigues talks about the importance of transmission, of the invisible smuggling of words and ideas that only a text in memory can bring. He invites 10 spectators to join him in a deeply personal poetry. What appears to be a relatively simple task – memorizing a poem – quickly turns into something larger, as unexpected stories, characters and connections emerge between Boris Pasternak, Ray Bradbury and a cook from northern Portugal. By Heart is written and performed by Rodrigues for his first performance in the United States since becoming the next director of the Festival d’Avignon, becoming the first Portuguese and non-French artist to lead the prestigious theatrical event, he will present his first season in July 2023.


WHEN: November 2-6

O: BAM Fisher (Fishman Space), 321 Ashland Pl.

WHO: Choreography by Alice Ripoll; Lighting design by Andréa Capella; Costume design by Raquel Theo

WHAT: “Cria is the embodiment of youth. Taking the vocabulary of the dancinha movement, a hot mix of funk, samba and breakdance, and passinho, the lifeblood of favela culture, choreographer Alice Ripoll relocates the wild exuberance of adolescence through dance. Driven by social injustice in Brazil, the piece alternates between intense states of exultation and celebration, with the heavily loaded group absorbing and reconstructing the fast, jerky rhythm of the music. Ripoll and the 10-member group Suave — an all-black company of cis and trans performers from Rio de Janeiro, each bring their own storytelling, dance history and physique to the stage, as they make their debut in the States. -United.”

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