Many students know to have a tight economy. Not throughout the study period, but there are always months that are worse than others. For example, the start of the study, where many books must be purchased, which are usually really expensive. Or December, where everyone wants to give good gifts to the whole family. In addition, rent must be paid, as well as food on the table.

As a student, you also need a computer. In fact, you can’t do most studies, and in some you need other equipment too – no one can do without a cellphone, for example. No clothes on your body can do without paying bills, and you also want to have fun in between – go to town and go on vacation.

Much can be done with a student job


But even with this aside, it can be hard to make it run around and difficult to save up. You can’t work too much either. Firstly, there must be time to take care of the studies, and secondly, there are requirements for your hourly rate if you also want your SU next door.

But there is help to download. Many companies like to lend to students who are at SU. With student loans, you have the option to take out a loan if there is a month that is much more expensive than expected. There are companies where student loans are an option, but you should be aware that other companies have some restrictions on their loans. There may be both a higher age requirement and there may be requirements that you cannot borrow if you are at SU. So choose these companies from the very beginning so that you only search with those who will actually give you a loan. If you have a student job next to your studies and your SU, then there are more options. With a student job you will have a higher and more fixed income, and this will mean that more companies will lend you money.

Loan as a student without collateral

Loan as a student without collateral

The rules for online loans are the same for everyone – whether you are a student or not. This means that you will not be able to provide collateral for your loan if you borrow one online or on your mobile phone. It is not your position or the fact that you are a student that determines whether you can get a loan. It is, on the other hand, a credit rating made when applying for a loan.

If you are applying for a loan as a student, it is up to the company alone whether they want to lend money to your student life. That part determines the companies themselves, just as they can set a higher age requirement than 18 years. Based on the legislation in this area, companies may have different interest rates. Both between the companies internally, where there may be differences according to, for example, standard terms, but also from loans to loans at a single company. They assess the interest rate from application to application, and you will often find that on a website it says that the interest rate starts at a certain percentage (which is then deviated).

Once you have found the companies

Once you have found the companies

That we would like to lend to students and where you meet their admission requirements. Then it is a good idea to search several places. Only when you receive a deal can you see what the interest rate will be for you hence what you have to pay back each month. You can then choose the deal that works best for you so that you can get the cheapest loan. Like all other students, you are also interested in the best deals.

Thus, student loans are certainly an option and all students can find more loans online if needed. It is possible to take out quick loans or consumer loans – depending on your need – just remember to carefully research the terms before applying. Then you get a loan that is right for you and the situation you are in. Including that you get a maturity that is realistic for you just so you will not have trouble repaying your loan.

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