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The second delegation of the Association Internationale des Lusodescendants (AILD) will operate in the United Kingdom, after that established in France last month, as part of a policy of unity between the different Portuguese communities in the world.

In a statement, the association said that this delegation will be located in London and its presentation is scheduled for October 28, at the Portuguese Embassy in the United Kingdom.

The new delegation will have, in its structure, the scientific, cultural and social action councils, which will be responsible for the development of new projects, actions and initiatives to create and add value to the Portuguese-speaking community established in the United Kingdom.

It will also have a local team that will work to “improve cooperation and collaboration between different entities and organizations, by making AILD stronger, united and even closer to the entire Portuguese-speaking community of the country”.

The AILD intends to “serve as a bridge between the different Portuguese communities in the different countries” and recalls that “Portuguese nationals constitute the ninth nationality with the largest number of foreign residents in England and Wales”.

The United Kingdom is the eighth country in the world where the most Portuguese reside.


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