The House Of Beautiful Business invites you to “concrete love” in Lisbon, Portugal, to reinvent organizations and yourself (part 1)


The house of fine business is a think tank and global community that brings together business leaders and entrepreneurs, creatives and artists, scientists and technologists, policy makers and activists. Their mission: to inspire them and equip them to reinvent their organizations – and themselves – so that they can lead the transition from “business-as-usual” to a new form of business that is more imaginative, fun, diversified, inclusive, socially responsible, and ecological. In short: more beautiful.

Their Concrete Love Event will take place in Lisbon, Portugal on Friday, October 29.

I met co-founder Tim Leberecht to find out more about their journey.

Afdhel Aziz: Tim, welcome. Please explain to us a little more what the intriguing “House of Beautiful Business” is?

Tim Leberecht: Good business is everything the status quo isn’t (yet). These are our unfulfilled desires, dreams and expectations: the idea of ​​a business that lives up to our full humanity and that values ​​life and what really matters in life. A softer, more fluid, more feminine trademark.

We need great deals more than ever since the pandemic showed us that business-us-usual no longer works:

  • The extraction of natural resources, one of the main pillars of capitalism, has caused the climate emergency.
  • The extraction of internal resources has led to a mental health crisis. Levels of anxiety, stress, depression and exhaustion are at an all time high. 44% of workers say they are exhausted at work, compared to 34% in 2020, and burnoutexploded due to COVID-19. Younger generations are particularly struggling and want their employers to pay more attention to the mental health issues they face. 70% of Millennials and Gen Z consider mental health to be the challenge of the day.
  • Confidence in companies and their leaders is at a all time low.
  • Democracy is in decline, and political polarization at its height, fueled by growing social inequalities.
  • Add to that the disruption by exponential technology. The advancement of AI and robotics, blockchain / decentralized web / NFT is shift the conversation from a focus on efficiency and optimization to creativity and generation, opening up new possibilities and creating new jobs, but also threatening human work and the agency.
  • The bottom line and GDP on their own are no longer sufficient measures for human and planetary development. We need new clues such as well-being, prosperity, Where planetary boundaries measure what really matters, while leaving enough space to appreciate what must remain immeasurable.
  • Efficiency and productivity – which have long been touted as the cornerstones of a successful business – now appear to be problematic.
  • The “win” paradigm at the heart of the status quo produces too many externalities; in fact, we now realize that if winning is the only option, we risk losing everything.

We can use this critical turning point and try to get back to the pre-COVID situation, when concepts like purpose, human work cultures, sustainability, and social justice were compelling as long as businesses could afford them. Or we can use this moment to double these concepts. We can fundamentally re-imagine business and reinvent the role of business in society: how organizations are run, how we work, and how we run our lives more beautifully.

We need new northern stars, stories, paradigms and practices that produce better results but also excitement. They will not come just from business books or schools, but from economics, technology, science, humanities and the arts living together under one roof. Enter the Maison des Belles Affaires.

Our mission with the House of Beautiful Business is to inspire and equip leaders and professionals to reinvent their organizations – and themselves – so that they can lead the shift from “business as usual” to a new form of business. more beautiful business.

But not just WHY we get together, but also HOW matters a lot to us. We believe that transformation on a personal, organizational and societal level is only possible through shared emotional experiences that gently push us out of our comfort zone and create a safe space for dangerous ideas.

Aziz: I love it! How did it happen? What was the reaction of your community? Why do they value it?

Leberecht: Till Grusche, my co-founder, and I first met when we became colleagues at the innovation powerhouse Frog Design, known for its work for Apple. Then we became neighbors in San Francisco, tennis partners and finally friends.

We both worked as Marketing Directors. Till was CMO of a ride-sharing startup. I worked as a CMO of Frog Design, then as a CMO of an architecture firm, as well as a global IT outsourcing group.

We have both lived and breathed Silicon Valley. We have worked on many future and strategy projects. We have managed partnerships with the World Economic Forum, Singularity University and others. But we became increasingly frustrated with these communities of thought leaders and the way they viewed business. It seemed too narrow, too conventional, not punchy enough.

So we started to produce our own thought. I wrote a book, The business romantic, who explored the importance of emotional intelligence in business. And then, three and a half years ago, we created our own community and co-founded the House of Beautiful Business.

The House started when we invested our own money to organize events on the sidelines of two of the biggest technology fairs in the world, in Barcelona and Lisbon. All we wanted back then was to create a brave new space for different kinds of conversations about tech, society, and business. We quickly realized that the space we created resonated with people. They wanted more from business and life: more honest conversations, a wider range of emotions, more fun experiences.

In 2019, members of our community took Home on the road and started launching Rooms of the Belles Affaires, local communities in over 30 cities around the world that host in-person and online gatherings throughout the year. We also launched the Beauty Shot newsletter and published the Book of Beautiful Business, followed by the release of The Great Wave playbook, co-created by members of the House community a year later, and special reports on The State. of AI as well as The Future of Experiences. In 2020, we hosted more than 50 online salon sessions, free to the public, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We now offer our members monthly online salon sessions, as well as Resident circles in which they can deepen the conversation, forge new connections, advise and advise each other, and collaborate on common projects (Housework).

Everything we do – the events and experiences, the think tank advisory services and the membership program – have a common core: People come into the House and stay there because they want inspiration. , intelligence, intimacy and impact. “Outside ideas” and transformative experiences without being perceived as “woo-woo”. Emotional intelligence, a new sensitivity, a multidisciplinary approach to business.

And if this is something that you are looking for in business and in life, then the House of Beautiful Business is your home too.

For part 2 of this story, click here.

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