Two people arrested in Cyprus for trying to travel with false documents


Cyprus police have arrested two people linked to a case of false travel documents.

According to a report published by In Cyprus, the two people are a 53-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman, both citizens of third countries who traveled to Larnaca airport in Cyprus in order to go to a European country, reports

Local media reports in Cyprus showed that during passport control it was revealed that the woman’s travel documents did not belong to her. At the same time, she confessed that the documents were given to her by the 53-year-old who is her uncle.

When questioning the man, he admitted that the travel documents belonged to his daughter and that he had given them to the 20-year-old.

Cyprus is not the only European country facing such problems. A large number of EU countries often report cases of such illegal business.

Last month, Portuguese police arrested two men after they tried to leave the island by presenting fake Portuguese passports.

In this regard, the Paphos police spokesman pointed out that a 29-year-old man had gone to Paphos airport in order to board a flight to Marseille, France.

The officer pointed out that he had presented a passport from Portugal, which did not include security details.

Earlier, Greek authorities reported that police arrested a total of 19 internationals in the Hellenic Republic after trying to cross the country with fake travel documents.

The previous report published by revealed that the defendants who planned to travel to Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Spain were arrested in Greece after presenting a false travel document “issued” by authorities in Portugal , France, Italy, Germany and Romania. , Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Georgia.

Apart from fake travel documents, some countries face other problems, such as fake admission letters.

Recently, Swiss authorities announced that they are banning entry into all Schengen countries for a total of 50 Indian students from Kerala after they submitted fake admission letters to a school in Switzerland when applying for Visa.

The forged documents were provided to them by a Kochi-based language institute known as the “Farbe School of Foreign Languages”. According to local media in Switzerland, the director of this school is suspected of having collected hundreds of thousands of rupees from students while promising them entry to the Benedict school in Bern.

The students were made aware of the fraud through a letter they received from the Swiss government on October 22 last year.

“It was after passing the A1 level exam in the German language that the managing director offered to help us gain admission to a school in Switzerland that also offers a monthly stipend. Although it demanded ₹5 lakh (€5,835) from each contestant, it was later reduced to ₹3 lakh (€3,512) as a special offer and collected ₹2 lakh (€2,341) at down payment”, reads a complaint from one of the students.

Authorities in European countries are constantly trying to find an effective way to stop these illegal activities.


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