USA Women’s Spearfishing Team Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Pay for Trip to 2023 World Championships


The United States Women’s Spearfishing Team launched a crowdfunding campaign to compete in the 2023 CMAS World Spearfishing Championships.

The championship will take place September 7-10, 2023 in Laredo, Spain. In the inauguration Women’s World Spearfishing Championships held in Portugal in 2018, the United States women’s team was champion. In the second event held in Italy in 2021, the team took 2nd place.

International spearfishing competitions are extremely expensive and time consuming. Divers spend up to a month in a foreign country preparing for competition and the expenses add up quickly. Currently, the most important limitation of the team is its budget. While teams from other countries receive financial support from their governments, American divers must pay their own expenses, so help from the spearfishing community is essential.

The team is made up of:

* Julie Higgs (2-time Individual US National Champion and 7-time IUSA World Record Holder)
* Nicole Burco (2nd place by women’s team at the 2021 Worlds and 2 times IUSA world record holder)
* Rosibel Molina (2018 World Women’s Team Champion, United States Individual National Champion and 6-time Cuban National Freediving Champion)
* Raina Pasatiempo (Hawaii’s promising new spearfishing prodigy who is the first island-born Hawaiian to serve on the team).

Scott Turgeon (former USA Men’s World Tag Team competitor and USA National Individual and Tag Team Champion) is the team captain and is running the crowdfunding campaign.

Membership dues (tax deductible in the US) can be made to the team’s account gofundme page here.


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