Where in Europe are property prices rising fastest?


House prices in Portugal increased by 13.2% in the second quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year. An increase of 3.3 percentage points compared to that recorded in the European Union as a whole. According to data published by Eurostat, housing prices increased by 9.9% in the Community area and by 9.3% in the euro zone, year on year.

Compared to the previous quarter, house prices increased by 2.3% both in the euro zone and in the EU countries as a whole. In Portugal, prices increased by 3.1% over the first three months of the year.

The biggest price increases

Although the Portuguese are experiencing a higher increase in house prices compared to the European average, it is not in Portugal that the most significant increases have been recorded. Year on year, the highest increases were recorded in Estonia (+27.4%), the Czech Republic (+23.1%) and Hungary (+22.8%).

Eurostat points out that “in all Member States for which data is available, there was an increase in house prices in the second quarter – and in 16 of them the increases were above 10%”, as c is the case in Portugal.

The smallest increases

At the other extreme, Cyprus (+2%), Finland (+2.2%) and Denmark (+2.8%) recorded the most modest increases in this indicator.

If the comparisons are made with the previous quarter, it is possible to perceive that the countries facing a greater increase in inflation at the level of the real estate market were felt in Estonia (+8%), in Lithuania (+5 .9%) as well as in Latvia and Slovakia (both with increases of +5.5%).


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