Who is eyeing the Portuguese luxury real estate market?


Foreign buyers are increasingly looking to Portugal to invest in the luxury real estate market with new research highlighting who these potential buyers are.

Idealista’s research analyzed the international origins of buyers looking for high-end properties in Portugal and found that buyers come from all over the world. However, some countries stand out for the number of buyers attracted to Portugal.

Spanish buyers (11.7%) are those who search the most for luxury properties over 1 million euros in Portugal, followed by the British (11.6%), North Americans (9, 7%), the French (9.5%). and the Germans (8.9%).

This international interest in luxury properties in Portugal is mainly concentrated in six districts, which accumulate 88.8% of visits to the real estate site looking for luxury homes for sale in the country.

Different neighborhoods have also shown different trends in terms of nationalities looking to invest, with the Spanish favoring the capital, while the British continue to look to the Algarve.

The data, broken down by neighborhood, reveals that Lisbon is the preferred area for foreign investors, as 40% of international searches for high-end properties are concentrated in this neighborhood. The main people interested in this luxury product are the Spaniards (13.0%), the North Americans (11.1%), the British (10.8%), the Brazilians (10.4%) and the French ( 7.1%).

The second most popular area of ​​the country is the Algarve, where it is the British who are most interested in high-end properties (12.9%), the Dutch (11.5%), the French (10, 5%), Germans and Spaniards (10.0% in both cases). case).

The third place in the ranking goes to Setúbal, where German buyers are the most sought after (15.1%), Spain (14.1%), the United Kingdom (11.7%), France (10, 5%) and the United States (7.6%).

In Porto, the Spaniards search for properties the most here, while in Madeira, it is the British who are interested in luxury real estate and finally in Braga, it is the French who come first in the ranking of the real estate market. top of the line.


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