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After a meeting with the management of Santander Totta, during which the organizations say the bank was “diehard” in the dismissal of 210 people, the unions decided to call a strike, which will also cover BCP.

In the same note, the Mais union, the SBN – Union of Financial Sector Workers, the Central Bankers Union (affiliated to the UGT), the Synaf (linked to the CGTP), the National Union of Banking Personnel and Technicians and the Syndicate of Independent Banks (independent) indicated that “taking into account the position taken today by the administration of Banco Santander Totta (BST) concerning the collective dismissal, in all that resembles that of the BCP, the six unions of banking workers have decided to call for a simultaneous strike in the two banks ”.

This judgment also relies on the solidarity of the STEC – Syndicat des Travailleurs des Entreprises du Groupe CGD, according to the union structures.

“From now on, the law establishes that the workers’ commissions are legally competent to participate in the current stage of the process, and all questions should be addressed to them,” the statement read.

Even so, “the unions are ready to intervene, so and if the process advances”, they indicated, adding that “the members must send to the respective legal services all the formulations which are sent to the CNT, so that they can be provided with the essential elements for full knowledge of the process ”.

“These unions call on all workers of BST and BCP to participate in the strike to be held in the respective institution. It is a cause that concerns all bankers. It doesn’t just affect some of us. The time has come for bank employees to make their voices heard in the uncompromising defense of their rights and their jobs, ”they concluded.

Santander Totta wants 685 workers to leave. The bank’s official source told Lusa last week that the departure with more than 400 employees has already been agreed (early retirement and voluntary layoffs). There were 230 employees with whom he had not reached an agreement, so they could be covered by a dismissal, but the number is not final because the process is not closed.

On the other hand, BCP announced last week that it would proceed with a collective dismissal of 62 workers, according to a message from the executive chairman to the bank’s employees, to which Lusa had access.

As with the other outings, the bank reached an agreement with around 700 employees for a departure for mutual agreement, early retirement and early retirement.

The unions accused the banks of repression of work and of blackmailing workers, arguing that they are forcing them to leave through layoffs (without access to unemployment benefits) or through early retirement. This while having high profits, they add.

BCP made profits of 12.3 million euros in the first half (84% less than the same period in 2020) and Santander Totta 81.4 million euros (52.9%) less.


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