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Tiago Camara and David Machado, partners of PTGoldenVisa

Realizing your Golden Visa dreams is now closer

PTGoldenVisa is a one-stop service provider for the Portugal Golden Visa program. It is the only program that allows investors and their families to access European citizenship within a minimum of five years without having to move. There are several investment options on how to qualify for the residence permit and citizenship. The minimum investment starts from € 280,000 and the investment opportunities for the program give profitable returns and always ensure good capital appreciation and high rental income.

Due to several ways of making the investment and qualifying for the Portugal Golden Visa, you can invest in real estate with over € 500,000 without restrictions or € 350,000 in refurbished properties over 30 years old. Another option is to invest € 280,000 or more in renovated properties over 30 years old, located in low density areas. As an alternative to real estate investing, investors can also qualify by investing a minimum of € 350,000 in a qualified investment fund.

PTGoldenVisa covers the entire program process and you can choose to proceed remotely or by visiting Portugal. Our program is very clear with the rules, so the application success rate with us is 100%.

Besides the main office in Lisbon, we have an office in Dubai to fully support our clients in UAE. The Golden Visa program is a safe back-up plan for investors and their families. They can ensure better education for children, a better medical system and above all freedom of movement. The Portuguese residence card gives you the possibility to live, work, study, or even start a business, as well as free entry to the 26 Schengen countries.

Contact us at or [email protected] and we guarantee a smooth process with the approval of the Portuguese Golden Visa program, which will lead you to a residence permit card and later make you eligible for the citizenship.

The Portuguese Golden Visa program targets high-level investors interested in a safeguard plan for their future generations. Investors are required to make a real estate investment from 280,000 Eur or invest in a Portuguese investment fund with a minimum value of 350,000 €.

What properties are you promoting and offering Gold Visa status? Please clarify?

PTGoldenVisa focuses on the best and most profitable properties in Portugal. Our sourcing team has a cautious approach to the market and follows an algorithm that only allows real estate development on projects with a margin of capital appreciation, easy rental, which are not overpriced and guarantee a title de property, not a share in a hotel or building. We are a Portuguese company with local knowledge and experience. We can easily identify which projects have the capacity to generate results and which have a high probability of failure. We offer a wide variety of investment options in central Lisbon on the € 350,000 investment option, and a wide range of off-plan luxury villas in Lisbon for the € 500,000 option . We have also identified several good value for money properties in remote areas eligible for the € 280,000 option. The most demanded properties are located in Faro – capital of the Algarve, with an international airport, universities, the best tourist spots, among others.

What are the advantages of applying for citizenship by investment?

High net worth individuals (HNWI) are interested in applying to the Portuguese program to ensure the future of their next generations, from only 280,000 € investment. The possibility to move freely, live, travel, study in all Schengen countries, access free education and health care and, after five years, have the right to a citizenship / un passport, without having to relocate, these are just a few of the reasons. By applying for a residence permit, one is able to transfer funds to Europe and to diversify the currency and investment risk.

Can you briefly tell us what is required to be eligible for this type of citizenship? What documents should generally be submitted by applicants?

PTGoldenVisa is able to start the entire application process remotely with just three initial documents. Copy of passport, proof of address and proof of profession. With these documents we open your bank account in Portugal and cover the legal part. It is also essential to submit a police clearance with the application to ensure approval. Our Portuguese program is very clear and we run our business with a 100% success rate.

What is the time between investing and obtaining the citizenship visa?

The Portuguese residence permit program is by far the most requested in the EU. Due to some delay caused by Covid-19 and the high demand we are facing, customers are currently expected to get their cards in around seven to eight months.

Once the investment is made, the application is submitted to the immigration office in Portugal, and after that, clients are asked to submit the biometric data in person. From the moment your cards are issued, the investment’s five-year holding period begins where, upon completion, you are eligible to submit the citizenship application.

Do you see a growing trend in the global citizenship space? Can you elaborate?

Absoutely. Especially after what we all went through when the pandemic hit global economies. Many people have realized that returning to their country of origin is simply not an option, especially for future generations. The second citizenship is a safe safeguard plan that gives freedom and opens up opportunities. Not only because of the much appreciated freedom of movement, but also very important for wealth and tax efficiency. To access new markets and employment opportunities. The Portuguese government welcomes investors and makes our country even more attractive to them by providing tax efficiency options for HNWIs who wish to relocate.

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